Pyramid Tea Bags: Useful or Gimicky???

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Slurp said

I hate the circles, too. Slippery inefficient buggers; all of the disadvantages of teabags with none of the virtues.



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Lynxiebrat said

I have gotten that from Bigelow tea bags…you know I thought it was just my imagination. LOL. The only stuff of Lipton’s that I’ve tried is their powdered iced tea mix and the pyramid bags (Bavarian Wild Berry. Which come to think of it, I don’t think that has any actual tea in it.) I feel so blessed that I’ve been able to buy loose leaf tea and stuff!

Oh, the Bavarian Wild Berry is DELICIOUS. My friend gets it and I steal it from her all the time at school :)

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I think they’re generally better than regular bags just because the leaf isn’t as cut up. The leaf quality isn’t always as good as loose leaf, but I’ve found it to be an improvement over regular tea bags.

I feel good about them because I feel like I’m having a better quality cup of tea with the same ease of a tea bag.

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We have found our customers are using the pyramid tea bags as opposed to steeping a loose leaf tea. We believe it is the convenience of loose leaf tea with out the issues of an infuser.

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Epi Tea said

We’re a new tea company which sells pyramid tea sachets.

While I will not attempt to deny that loose leaf teas can yield better quality brews than tea bags and pyramid sachets alike, I do believe that the pyramid sachet is a leap and bound forward of the standard tea bag in quality, and when done right can rival loose leaf tea.

The reason why pyramid sachets are better than tea bags is the space which the sachet offers the tea to expand. This is one of the reasons why standard tea bags yield bad brews (that and they use bad tea, and paper bags).

Now as tea drinkers we all understand that tea has to expand and water has to flow through it. Some pyramid tea sachets contain far too much tea leaf for this process to happen the way it should. When one puts too much tea in a pyramid sachet the sachet then becomes just a large standard tea bag in pyramid shape.

Our pyramid tea sachets offer plenty of space for the leaf to expand, and therefore the pyramid sachet reaches its full potential.

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