Scented vs Not-Scented tea

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Gitana said

This is an old subject eh? But “scented” tea is a well respected and ancient tradition. The process can be quite time consuming and expensive so the best practices of scenting tea is not usually used on inferior teas.
These days one can find Jasmine tea almost everywhere but many of them are now more appropriately called “flavored” teas. Jasmine essential oil or flavors are simply sprayed onto the tea. But traditionally tea leaves were layered with fresh Jasmine blossoms and allowed to absorb the Jasmine fragrance. The extra handling, time and the Jasmine blossoms were too costly to waste on bad tea. This traditional scenting process is still used and will be much more expensive than teas sprayed with scent.
Other herbs and flowers are used with this layering process too but I used Jasmine because, I think, everyone has tried some some time!

Ubacat said

I love naturally scented teas and that is the only scented teas I will drink. I cannot be fooled with “natural flavourings”. My tongue always picks that out as a sharp unnatural taste. My favourites are jasmine (of course), rose, & osmanthus.

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Good, naturally scented teas are truly beautiful, but yes I agree that chemical flavorings on tea is usually a disaster.

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