teatoad said

looking for a good sampler

my wife was looking for some gift ideas for Xmas… instead of getting one or two teas. I am looking for sampler sets with a bunch of different teas. anyone try any sampler sets that had a bunch of teas and teas that are good?

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snootle said

Just found this site! I just ordered 2 sampler sets from uptontea.com. for my first order. My SIL swears by them.

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ssajami said

golden moon has a really nice sampler of most of their teas.

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David at Verdant Tea offers great tea samplers: http://verdanttea.com/shop/sample-packs/

Gingko at Life in a Teacup also offers great samplers: http://www.lifeinteacup.com/tea-samples

I’ve had green tea from both of them and it has been good and very fresh.

Uniquity said

Thumbs up!

Verdant Tea also has some new beautifully designed gift packs with samples of their excellent loose teas. They are even 30% off until midnight on Monday and I believe come with free shipping… http://verdanttea.com/shop/gift-sets/

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Uniquity said

LiberTeas offers a couple different boxes of goodies on her teatra.de account, sampling different types of tea and different companies. I think I’ll be enjoying my box for a long time yet. (I’m having trouble finding a link to these at the moment – If you contact LiberTeas here or on teatra.de though I am sure she can help you out).

The following are all companies I have tried and enjoyed, and fous primarily on flavoured teas (don’t know if she is a “true tea” or flavoured tea lover):

52Teas is doing a “12 Teas of Christmas” which is exciting AND a sampler. I can’t wait for mine to arrive. (http://www.52teas.com/tag/12teas/)

David’s Tea offers a number of different samplers and is also doing a 24 day Christmas Advent Calendar. (www.davidstea.com)

Fusion Tea Room offers generous samples of all their teas (you could select whichever ones appeal to you). (www.fusiontearoom.com)

I have the Advent calendar, I am dying to break into it. My wife also got me a Lindt Advent calendar, so it is going to be a tasty, tasty December!

Uniquity said

I already own almost every (if not all!) the DT teas that appeal to me, so I sadly left the calendar on the shelf. I peeked at one though, they’re super cute!

Thank you Uniquity. I am working out some kinks with my shop, but I will post here again when I’ve fixed them, with the url. Thanks!

I so badly want the DT advent calendar (too cute!), but I’ve tried all the teas save for the December one. It would still be fun just to be provoked to re-try something different everyday, but not on what’s supposed to be a student budget.

Thanks again Uniquity… my links to my shop are operational again… one of those internal issues. :)

I’ve posted the links to my sampler boxes below!

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I have a ton of samplers on my Tea Trade site as well. www.iHeartTeas.com please let me know if you have any questions. :-)

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We have a couple here http://www.butikiteas.com/Samplers.html. We could also work with you on creating your own sampler and selecting an appropriate gift basket.

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I’ve got samplers on my site too – keenteathyme.teatra.de/products

That David’s Tea Advent Calendar sounds like something I must acquire soon!

Agreed! I want that as well. Sounds like tasty fun to be had. :)

I have been thinking long and hard about that advent calendar. I’m already getting the 12 days of christmas box… so I don’t know. But… I’m thinking about it. Usually this time of year, I indulge and get myself a gift box from Harney just because I love those boxes, and nobody in my family ever gets me tea. LOL (They seem to think I have enough tea, where they get that idea from, I’m not sure) So, maybe I’ll change in the Harney indulgence for the David’s Tea Advent. Hmm… what to do. What to do?

Well, you could get both. :-) I know, I’m bad.

I’m telling you, they are so cute and so awesome…and then you’ll have 24 mini-tins for swapping other teas with friends! Win-win!

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Someone has already suggested Life in a Teacup.com; they offer great samplers for pennies and you simply pay for shipping which is next to nothing. It only depends on how many sampler you are requesting.

email: [email protected]

Happy tea haunts.

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We offer sample sizes of any of our teas at www.tealiciousllc.com and we have recently started shipping internationally.

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My Foodzie Box Sampler is an awesome deal if I do say so myself:

Want even more tea? Try my BIG BOX of tea samplers, which if shipped in the US is a flat rate (medium sized) box, if shipped internationally, in a box that is similar in size to the flat rate box: http://liberteas.teatra.de/store/products/a-big-box-of-tea-samples/

If shipping internationally, please contact me first so that I can calculate postage for you.

ssajami said

I second the recommendation :) LiberTEAS boxes are amazingly fun and varied and full of quality tea.

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