2018: How much will you spend on tea this year?

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Ignorance is bliss sometimes. I’m sure 2017 was around 1k. I will try to keep better track and sip down what I have for 2018.

oasis said

A LOT less than 2017! LOL!

I went a little crazy and have a ton of tea to drink up before I buy anymore.

annie said

I’ve never kept track, and frankly last year I spent too much and combined with the amount I spent on yarn, yikes. YIKES. so, I’m hoping to at most spend $400 for 2018. there are a few things that I ordered at the end of December that I got this month….buuut, since I technically paid for them in December, I’ll just count those as stuff bought in 2017.

January: $30
>> Yunomi: $30

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