2018: How much will you spend on tea this year?

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Togo said

Last year was the first year I spent a considerable amount on tea, with one order from Yunnan Sourcing (170 CAD), Taiwan Sourcing (140 CAD) and Yunomi (50 CAD) each. Together with several other purchases from Distinctly Tea and David’s Tea, the total would be around 600 CAD.

This year I have placed one big order from YS, which hopefully will also be the only one. I am already above last year’s spendings, but I hope to keep it below 1000 CAD in the end.

Yunomi – 50 CAD

Tao Tea Leaf – 125 CAD
Distinctly Tea – 50 CAD
Yunnan Sourcing – 500 CAD

Running total for 2018: 725 CAD

Arby said

I’m doing really well this year (so far). I’ve spent maybe $120 total ($20 DT small purchases, $30 paying for shipping on samples, $35 to 52Teas, $30 for amoda sampler sizes.

Sil select said

awesome! it’s the only way to get that cupboard down heh

LuckyMe said

Have to pat myself on the back for holding steady at $100 total so far this year. No tea purchases since January. I’ve been busy drinking down my stash in order to clear room in my cabinet for spring teas. Should be able to easily go another month without needing to order anything.

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