OMG! Where did my Le Palais Gourmet Logged Teas Go?

Okay…I have logged at least 3 Le Palais Gourmet Teas AND added them to my Cupboard. I went to log that I drank the Midori Sencha again…and ALL of the Le Palais Gourmet Tea are no longer on the site…the company is listed as having ZERO teas on steepster…and I know I wasn’t the only one to log Le Palais Gourmet Teas!

Has anyone else noticed any of their teas being eaten (or is it drank???) by the Steepster Gremlins?

Does Jason/Mike know about these lil steepster Germlins because I think they are really sneaky, stealthy tea thieves! LOL

Anyone, anyone!? Bueller!? Bueller?

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teaplz said

Oh, TEB, that’s my fault! The company Le Palais Gourmet has changed names to American Tea Room. So I moved all the teas to their new homes, where they’re supposed to go now. Just so if someone wanted to order tea from them based on your review, and has trouble finding the company. I thought that’d be highly uncool. Just cleaning up and making Steepster a bit more accurate! Sorry if it caused some confusion! :(

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WHEW!!!!!! :P Thanks for letting me know…I totally vapor locked! LOL
Thank the TEA GODS they weren’t lost forever! :)

I’m hopping over to check those out…thanks again!

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teaplz said

Sorry about the confusion again! All of your tasting notes are still there, obviously. :)

And their new web address is

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Do you think we could put something like American Tea Room (formerly Le Palais Gourmet) so it pops up when we enter!? Just wondering!?

I can still access their old website but it does say ‘transition’

Here is the write up for others like me…who was surprised by this! LOL

is a new venture from the founders of Le Palais Gourmet. Enhancing the best and most successful elements from our existing retail store in Beverly Hills, CA and creating a new multi media presence that translates this experience online makes American Tea Room your ultimate tea resource. Our expanding web presence allows American Tea Room to provide our years of experience to a growing audience of tea aficionados. (from

Please click the banner to go to our new store and click here to read more about our transition. Same great tea, same great service!

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