Wan Ling Tea House - Steepster special and ongoing promo

Tea lovers deserve special treats.

To keep the tea flowing for Steepster users, Wan Ling Tea House is pleased to offer the following promotion;
15% off your first order: 15_steepster-welcome
10% off ALL future orders (no expiry): 10_steepster

All orders are shipped from the UK. We offer competitive shipping, which according to many of our US customers is often below what it is to ship inter-state.


Tea love to you all.

PS – remember when you use the codes to copy exactly as above including _ -.

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TIP: Our autumn Tie Guan Yin tea is now in stock, however viewing is limited to our account holders until 22nd November. Get your Wan Ling Tea House account here: www.WanLingTeaHouse.com/register/

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Thanks so much for the promotion! I ordered several months ago and was really impressed. Your shipping costs were indeed very reasonable, and I was shocked at how quickly my order arrived. The teas were excellent as well.

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Happy new year. Wan Ling Tea House would like to wish everyone a very happy, fun and tea filled year of the rooster & 2017.

Just a reminder that the offer listed in this post is still active for all Steepster users.

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