Who takes milk in their tea?

Does anyone in the Lower 48 take milk in their tea? I’m staying with my mother in Northern California for the holidays and no matter where we go to visit or eat, milk is never brought with tea to a restaurant table. This saddens me. I believe it adds not only mouthfeel to the Beautiful Brew, but gives it a creamy freshness that takes the bite out of bitter tea. And don’t give me that rubbish about milk protein lessening the positive effects of antioxidants – that myth was debunked in 2007.

Aside from me and the obvious others from the UK, who enjoys milk in their black tea?

Oh, I don’t use delicate china so I add milk subsequent to the tea. I’m not a traditionalist by any means but when I hear that people believe pouring milk into hot tea alters the flavour of the tea, my head starts to throb. Alters the flavour? No kidding, really?! Isn’t that what we’re trying to accomplish here?


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ssajami said

I love milk in tea. I will try milk with almost every tea, not just black. I’ve had milk with roasted mate, rooibos, herbals, even some pu-erh. That said – for oolong and whites, no milk.

BTW, I’m in the middle east and no one drinks milk with tea here. I always have to ask for it.

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Recently I drink Fu brick tea almost every day, with half milk, half tea. Love it!

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SimplyJenW said

Only in chai….

same here and i don’t use cow millk, only rice, soy, almond, or hazelnut milk.

Itsyknits said

Do you think adding rice milk or soy or almond or hazelnut milk makes a different taste?? I like adding milk to my teas.. I wondered if there are taste differences between the milks.. I’d love to try.

Maisonlula-The hazelnut definitely adds a different flavor. I think the rice, soy, and almond taste somewhat similar to milk without the sourness. It is difficult for me to say since I haven’t drank cow’s milk in many years but I would definitely encourage trying different milks.

Itsyknits said


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I occasionally add milk to black teas, only if I feel it calls for it or I want to try it on the creamy side… I usually do try the tea straight first before I add milk to see how it fairs on its own.

teataku said

I do the same thing with new black teas. I almost have a set formula when trying out a new one: try it straight, try it with sugar, try it with sugar and milk, try it with sugar and half and half… xD

Yep… that sounds like the way I do it too. More often than not, I’m happy with it straight, but there are some that really benefit from a bit of milk and sugar.

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Absolutely! Pass the PG Tips please…gotta love that monkey:)

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I do I do!! add milk to my tea… mostly my blacks but also pu’erh, rooibos, and once in awhile other random varieties. It really depends on my mood of course!

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Ninavampi said

It depends on the tea… and my mood! But when the tea and mood call for it, it can be tasty! : ) I agree with Indigobloom that black and rooibos tend to work best. Have yet to try pu’erh with milk… One day!

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Yep! A lot of Assams, breakfast blends, chai, and red rooibos for the most part. I certainly use it to cover up bad tea when that is my only choice, but I do think it enhances certain teas.

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Tamm said

I only add milk to my chai. I’ve never brewed a successful cup of anything else without making it into a watery mess.

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Chai and Earl Grey.

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