Blending your own tea/tisane-- trouble wtih steeping times?

All right! So I’ve lurked around here for a bit but some recent trouble has convinced me to make my own account and consult with the wisdom of the tea-drinking internet here.

I’ve been experimenting with my own blends for the past year or so with some great successes and some fantastic failures, but lately I’ve been having trouble with steeping times. My basic goal here is to make a ginger and mint blend. The trouble is, I want this to be a blend with a shelf life, which means using dried ginger rather than fresh. Mint steeps pretty fast. Dried ginger takes at least 10 minutes to get as strong as I like it. The problem is self-evident.

So the question: how do you deal with making a blend where one ingredient steeps much faster than the other? I’ve tried messing around with quantities involved, but so far haven’t had much luck.

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What is your water temperature?

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Boiling. I’ve never measured it directly, but I’m using a stovetop kettle.

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Is it possible to make the ginger pieces smaller? Maybe the size of rooibos leaves? Or increase the amount of ginger?

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Oooh, great idea! I’ve tried using more ginger and that didn’t work, but cutting it smaller might help. I’ll give it a shot. They’re already pretty small, about the size of fine gravel, but it can’t hurt to try.

Let me know if this works! I usually grate fresh ginger when I want a strong ginger taste. I know some people grate ginger and then freeze it in ice cubes to use later. Though I realize this isn’t as convenient as dried, it might be another option if the smaller pieces don’t work out.

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