solstice15 said

Syrupy Sweet Teas (no tartness)

Hi, as the title says, I’m looking for teas that are very sweet (on their own, before I add additional sweetener), and smooth (a bit of bitterness is okay as well). I live in the south and I’m not too far removed from childhood, so I like absurdly sweet things :). I’ve just started getting into loose teas (black only so far), but I haven’t found the sweetness I’m looking for yet. Do you guys have any suggestions (tea types, or actual teas)?

Example of what I’m looking for:
There was a tea I had a few years ago at a Chinese restaurant, the liquid was a pale off white color, and the taste and smell reminded me of a confectionery shop. It was very complex, but still, extremely sweet (with only 1 splenda packet added).

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gmathis said

Here are a few:

TeaFrog Coconut Vanilla White
TeaFrog Chocolate and Cream Black
Adagio Caramel (needs a little milk)
Monk’s Blend (various brands; the grenadine is nice and sweet)

..and there’s another one like cotton candy, but I can’t remember name. Back after I check previous reviews.

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gmathis said

Aha. Temple d’Angkor—Damman Freres is the cotton candy one.

Also Vanilla Comoro by Harney and Sons.

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Dinosara said

As far as teas that have their own sweetness with nothing added, you can’t beat some green oolongs (at least from my experience). Especially “Milk Oolongs” and Tieguanyins… some of these are amazingly sweet. They’re still not going to be as sweet as if you dump a packet of sugar in them, and perhaps not “syrupy” per se, but they’re sweeter than most, especially once the cup has cooled to a “just warm” temperature. I find that almost all flavored black teas that have “sweet” flavors are not going to be sweet in the way you describe (at least, I have yet to come across one that is).

I agree. I think black tea can have honey or caramel notes, but they don’t taste as sweet as a good green oolong. Maybe that’s why I like them so much…

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solstice15 said

Thanks for the suggestions! After a bit of reading, I decided to order some milk oolong/regular oolong samples. I also have a sample of Vanilla Comoro on the way.

Can’t wait to try these, thanks again.

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Ninavampi said

I agree about Milk Oolongs and Ti Kuan Yin. Also, if you are looking for flavored, Adagio’s green vanilla is pretty sweet and creamy. I also really enjoyed their cherry green, sweet and no tartness to it!

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