Ricky said

DFT - Ceylon Special Edition

“A Damn Fine Ceylon That’ll Make You Love Tea As Much As The Brits
R29 + Damn Fine Tea Limited Edition Ceylon

At Refinery29, we enjoy a good spot of tea just as much as the next chap, and we can’t think of anyone we’d rather get it from than the self-proclaimed “obsessive tea freaks” of Damn Fine Tea. Known for their super high-quality leaves (not to mention their décor-worthy packaging), this conscious company is one of the few who produce “orthodox tea,” meaning the tea leaves are picked and processed using traditional methods.

We chose this delicious Ceylon because it’s a classic black tea that’s bright and delicate, without being fussy—a little bit like us, don’t you think? Take it straight-up or add a little milk and sugar. However you like it is the way it was meant to be—enjoyed by you.

4.4oz of loose leaf tea
Tin is 3.75" tall by 3" in diameter"

Disclaimer, that is a referral link

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I just saw this and was going to post about it. I’ll make sure to purchase through the link you provided (if it doesn’t sell out by my paydate!)

Ricky said

Thanks :)

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Camiah said

I can’t resist DFT, I bit. I can’t wait to get it!

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Stephanie said

I just purchased this! I miss A&D’s teas. Jackee Muntz was incomparable!

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I am in need of $25 smackarooooooos than I will snag it. I am poorer than dirt or aged old Pu-erh.

I registered for newsletter, etc. Thank you.

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