Black Friday/Cyber Monday Tea Sales

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One more addition, for the Japanese Tea enthusiast, Ziji is a site where I purchase many of my meditation supplies. They have a nice selection of teaware and accessories for Chanoyu (Tea Ceremony) and all is 15% off until November 30 with the code “NEW15”
The site is worth a browse even if you are not buying…

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Teavana is giving away a free tin with any order today (no code needed), and thru 11/30/11 on orders of $25 or more, use code F25356 for a free teaspoon. :)

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Spot52 select said
Dinosara said

Also, the 15% code FALL still works until 11/30 along with the free shipping!

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Thank you all for the links. I made many purchases to buy samples that I otherwise would not make due to the cost of the shipping.

btw, Harney and Sons is also offering free shipping until Nov. 29th.

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Dorothy said

auraTeas ( )
Cyber Monday Sale use code “THANKS” and get 15% off. *Free gift packaging now through 12/31.

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Dinosara said

How did I not know about this site before:

… it is bad news for my wallet. (it’s an agreggator of tea deals!)

Dinosara said

It seems to be brand new, that’s how!

Oh dear… this is going to be a problem!!! Especially because I know I’m getting (THIS: for Christmas and now have an excuse to stock up on tea….

Nice! I have the Breville but this looks like a great (not to mention more affordable) answer to it.

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Verdant Tea is pleased to extend its sales through “Cyber Monday,” and add on a few more around the theme “YUNNAN MONDAY.” In celebration of one of the most biodiverse tea regions in the world, we are doing a sale starting Monday at 12:00 CST of many of our Yunnan favorites:

45% off many of our pu’er bricks like the Lancang Sheng, the Tea Trail Shu, the Star of Bulang Sheng and more.
50% off Diyi Cornfields Shu
50% off Yabao
30% off Jingshan Green, Yunnan White Jasmine, and Yunnan Golden Buds Black

Whether you are interested in investing in a brick of pu’er, or in learning more about the flavor profiles that Yunnan has to offer, take advantage of this one-day deal and stock up, knowing that you will be supporting small farmer’s cooperatives and family-run businesses.

Many Thanks!

Just stocked up. I had to do two purchases since the Diyi had not been discounted yet when I made the first They were and hour and 20 mins apart. Ordered 11 teas total….my Xmas present to me. Now I’m

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Dinosara said

Just edited the topic title since there are still a lot of tea sales going on today! Most of these deals are only through the end of the day today!

Golden Moon: 30% off all teas with code 30Percent

thepuritea: 30% off everything and free shipping, no code needed

The Tea Spot: 25% off everything and $5 shipping with code secretcyber

ESP Emporium: 30% off loose leaf teas with code cyber30

Tea Licious: 20% off total purchase with code TLCM-1128

Teas etc.: 20% off everything with code CYBER

American Tea Room: still 20% off everything with code THANKSGIVING20

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Save 25% off your order at using code: CYBERMONDAY25

Ends tomorrow. Happy shopping!

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KTEAS has a Cyber Monday offer as well: Save 25% off orders (Minimum $15 order) – use this code: CYBER MONDAY KTeas

There are more details about the deal on their homepage:

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