Ricky admin said

Traveling Tea Box!!!

Starting up a new traveling tea box! US/Canada only! Sorry international folks :(. Let me know who is interested and I’ll compile a list and figure out the shipping order.

Last Updated – 5/3/18
TTB Order
1. Arby
2. Dustin
3. babble
4. Kafkalicious
5. Inkling
6. milkmaid (skipped for now)
7. meowster (en route)
8. fidgetiest
9. teabird
10. blim8183

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Irina said

I’m interested!

milkmaid said


Ricky admin said

Alright, I created a signup form!

Dustin said

Just submitted my info. It’s been a long while since I have done a traveling box!

Arby said

oooh I’m interested. I submitted my postal code.

Ricky admin said

Aiming for 10-12 people! So far we’ve put Kusmi, Andrews and Dunham, Rishi and a lot of other random goodies we could find :)

I’m not in for this, unfortunately, as I am traveling a fair amount over the next several months and therefore likely to create a bottleneck. But I wanted to say hi! :-)

Ricky admin said

Hi! Good to see some regulars still around!

Interesting idea..love to hear..

Inkling said

Just signed up! I love TTBs and haven’t participated in one in quite a while. Thanks for organizing, Ricky!

Babble said

I signed up!

Ricky admin said

We’re at 8!!! At least two more and it’ll be shipped out!

meowster said

is there any rules on tea types, packaging, etc.?
I can’t see the list of ppl already signed up, but can I avoid having a Canadian address after me?
Do I have to remove tea to add tea?

Kind of interested but need more info to decide…

AllanK said

It should be noted that the person shipping to Canada will pay at least $30, maybe $40 or more. The USPS charges a lot to ship to Canada. And there is probably no tracking at that price.

Ricky admin said

No rules on tea types or packaging. Some of ours are tins, some are pre-wrapped tea sachets and some are just in ziplock bags.

We’ll be shipping it to Canada first so no one else has to pay the high shipping cost.

meowster said

So I can add more teas than I take, making the package heavier than before?

Ricky admin said

Yep! Feel free to take and add as much tea as you would like. Our plan is to fill up a medium flat rate shipping box.

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