Stainless Steel Vacuum Travel Mug

I’m looking for a stainless steel vacuum travel mug. I’ve seen a bunch on Amazon, but would prefer one that didn’t have a lot of movable parts in the lid that requires regular disassembling and cleaning. I’d also prefer one that doesn’t require you to completely unscrew the lid in order to drink form it (similar to the large vacuum flasks).

Any Ideas?

I basically wish this mug…

could combine with this mug…

with my issues being the former has the annoying push in button and the latter requires you to completely unscrew the top lid in order to drink from it (not very useful on the go).

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

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Unfortunately I don’t have any suggestions for what you’re looking for (I don’t know if I’ve ever found a good compromise).

But, I got exactly the same Zojirushi a few days ago and have been loving it. It’s sleek and attractive but also really light, and keeps my water or tea hot seemingly indefinitely. Even if there’s just a little bit left in the bottom at the end of my night at work, it’s still steaming!


You have to remove the entire lid to drink which is similar from drinking out of an open cup, correct?

That’s correct. The whole lid comes off. It is a smaller opening than most comparable mugs (it’s tall and slender) and it has a nice rim, so that makes it a bit easier. I drank from it while driving on the weekend and didn’t have a problem.

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brandy3392 said

The Contigo Travel Mug is great. It does have moving parts in the cover, but isn’t too bad to clean. Just rinse it out after use.

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Ivi said

ooooo I like that Contigo mug.. I just looked it up and I want a purple one!

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Well I decided to bite the bullet. I went with the Bubba Brands 16 oz mug.

First thing i did was remove the lanyard. It holds 16 oz, it has stainless steel on the inside, it is vacuum insulated, it is easy to hold and carry around, and has a very minimal snap lid. It’s not the most visually stimulated mug (see Nissan Sipp) but it will be a breeze to clean and at $10, it’s a total bargain.

Wow, that is a bargain! Looks great. I’m glad you found travel mug happiness; It’s so difficult to find the right fit!

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After searching for the perfect travel mug and taking multiple travel mugs of tea into work with me, I finally caved and bought a one liter Thermos. Every time I work a long shift, I fill it with tea, take a travel mug with me to work, and just refill it all day. The other day I made the tea before leaving the house at 8 am, and at 8 that night when I opened it to get the last cup, it was still hot enough to fog up the windows.

Anyway, it looks like you found a really good solution, I just wanted to share mine because I love love love having that Thermos full of tea…especially when it’s Santa’s Secret!


I have a thermos too, to refill my travel mug. Best investment ever. I’ll definitely be using my mug at work, travel mug while in class.

possibly different topic but, how do you keep the thermos from retaining flavor? I used mine to store peppermint tea a few times. Ever since, all the tea I put in there tastes vaguely of peppermint. I’ve stopped using my thermos for that reason. I want my thermos back!

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I have a 12 oz Klean Kanteen insulated mug…you have to unscrew the top to drink it, but I don’t mind at all. Plus, the top is lined with stainless steel as well—no plastic in contact with the tea (even though this plastic is safe)! It seals really well and I highly recommend it.

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I have the 16 oz. version (there’s a 12 oz, a 16 oz, and one more size up – I think a 20 oz?) of the Klean Kanteen insulated thermos that potatowedges mentioned above and can second the recommendation of it.

There is a screw top that comes with it, but you have the option of spending about 5-6 more dollars and getting what they call the “cafe” top (basically the sippable top on most travel mugs). It’s not spillproof, but it allows for easy access and it fits in a cars’ cup holder. The cafe lid snaps apart into two pieces so you can rinse thoroughly, and though it is plastic, it is BPA free.

It’s not perfect (see: not totally spillproof and still sporting some plastic, even if it’s the safe kind) but I do think it’s the best option I’ve found so far.

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