Best chocolate flavored tea?

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LefTea said

Joy’s Teaspoon Chocolate Pot Du Tea is really good. I’m out of my sample and waiting to order more until I clear out some room in the tea cabinet so right now I’m drinking a Chocolate creme from a local place (beans and leaves in Long Grove, IL) that’s pretty good (more of a dark chocolate taste than the one from Joy’s Teaspoon).

I also enjoy Teavana’s Matevana as it has a nice chocolate undertone to it.

And I have a chocolate one from Dark Moon Tea (now closed) waiting in the wings.

I really need to have more tea discipline…or get an iced tea infuser so I can drink more tea during the summer.

I just received a sample of Joy’s Chocolate Pot Du Tea but have yet to try it. It smells fairly promising.
Matevana to me tasted of bran flakes. Not a bad thing, it was pretty good. Not the best mate I’ve had but not bad.

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Thanks LefTea! Two of my favorites…tea and chocolate. This was a great post! I am determined to try as many of these as possible!

LefTea said

Welcome :) I still love that tea and am so tempted whenever I see you’re running a sale. Could we coordinate that with when I’m running low on chocolate tea so I can justify the purchase?

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brandy3392 said

Chocolate Caramel Turtle from Culinary Teas is my favorite.

That sounds delicious

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Cofftea said

If you like smokey teas, Manteas’ Chocolate Bacon! I can’t STAND bacon, but this stuff is oh so good!

LefTea said

Chocolate bacon tea? There isn’t a word there that I don’t like!

I’m curious about the Chocolate Bacon after I tried my sample of Maple BACON. whoops caps lock. I get excited about bacon.

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Mint Chocolate Rooibos and Read my Lips from DAVIDsTEA!

I just tried Read my Lips and thought it was just an artifically scented chocolate, lacking in flavor. It was just strange to me. This is my review –
I’d love to find a good chocolate tea, but maybe only the taste of real chocolate will satisfy me.

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Excelsior said

Cha Thai. BOPF from Mariage

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I’m bumping this thread to the top to see if anyone has any favorite black tea based chocolate tea worth trying…. I’ve had 2 in the last 2 days, so I’m on a roll!

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Serenity said

Peet’s Red Cloud Cacao. It’s so hard to find! I love it so much. Pure cocoa nibs and shells blended with a little vanilla and a blend of black tea. It does not have any kind of artificial flavor taste. It has all the nuances of black chocolate, which for me can evoke berries and even tobacco combined with all the tastes and scents of black tea, which is like a whole world of tangy brightness and malty goodness.

Gaaaah! I wish i would have known during black friday! I’ll watch for it now!

cookies said

Peets is currently having new sales every day for the holidays, so keep an eye on their homepage. You can also get a free shipping code by signing up to their newsletter.

ok, i just found a tin on ebay….it’s on it’s way to me! I don’t wanna know how much it cost in stores though…. I’m sure I was fleeced.

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I’m fond of Tiger’s Eye by Adagio. Also Chocolate Truffle (mine is by Two Guys Tea, but they sourced from Tea Guys). Those are straight up chocolate tasting

I have some chocolate blends I like too- Valentines by Adagio is chocolate strawberries, and Raspberry Bark by TeaJo

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carol who said

Although it’s not a black tea, it’s a lovely mate… David’s Chocolate Rocket is an awesome chocolate/raspberry combination. I made it as a latte yesterday simmering the tea in almond milk for 15 minutes and I was in heaven. It definitely compares favorably with a good hot chocolate. Now my concern is not indulging! This tea is also great made the regular way and I drink it at least 4 x’s a week but it was sublime with the milk.

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