The Cost of Tea

Just checked out the Toppers Tea web site. Am I alone in thinking that their prices seem a little high for what they are vending? Ok, so it’s a local Sussex venture and supporting all the right ethical causes, but can’t see how a fancy box makes the tea inside so expensive..

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I’m not familiar with this…but am googling…
for those who want to check out…here is the link

Mike admin said

I wasn’t familiar either. Here they are on Steepster (though, no pics yet):

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Well, the peppermint, for example, is 2.30 your money and about $3.68 US…according to a website I just checked…that is for 25 bags…That’s average around me for bagged tea like Celestial Seasonings, for example.

I just picked that one…is there a type of tea you had in mind when thinking it was high and I overlooked it!? Just curious…

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China Green Tea – Dragon Well – 75g loose leaf


I just saw this! Maybe you were thinking more along these lines!?

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I’m comparing the costs with others such as Ringtons. What threw me is the difference in size – Toppers mainly 75g and Ringtons etc at 125g as standard, That said I’ve just worked out the price of Chinese Green Sencha per gram and they both come out the same at .031 pence per gram. Maybe my thread should be not the price of tea, but the weight it’s sold by?

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TeaParT said

Great thread – kind of like a pop quiz for all of us. Like TeaEqualBliss I found myself exploring their website comparing prices using Google’s currency conversion

I also use Google’s SMS text search (a poor man’s phone app) for things like this. Simply send a text to 466453 with your request. In this example it would be:

2.30 gbp to usd

Within seconds you’ll have a reply with the answer.

We are such Tea Nerds, aren’t we!? GOTTA LOVE IT!!!! :P Trust me…it’s NOT a bad thing!!! Thanks for the Google info, btw!

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It’s not the dearest I’ve seen but not the cheapest either. I think I paid about £12 in Whittards for 50g of Silver Needle

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