Storing Tieguanyin in Fridge?

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How to say; I am a bit muffed, my teas are in cupboard. I just don’t think of refrigeration as there tends to be dampness there and teas are to be stored in dryness of places and at cool room temperature.

I am wrong probably, but mine are in cupboard or some dark, somewhat ventilated space.

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I know a lot of Japanese people keep their green tea in the freezer or the refrigerator. I think green oolong takes a year to get stale anyway so I wouldn’t worry unless you plan to have it around for a while. I asked my local teashop about it the other day. They keep the tins of tea in a freezer overnight, but no doubt it is a huge freezer dedicated to tea only.

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TeaVivre said

Usually, the storage of Tie Guan Yin require low temperature and vacuum sealed environment.

Most of the Tie Guan Yin teas we buy are basically 7 grams of a package. And they are already in a vacuum sealed environment. Meanwhile, if this go along with a outside tins, jars, or other Zip bags, you can put them in a cool, dry and sunlight proof place if you can finish drinking them in 20 days. Otherwise, maybe you should store them in fridge, which the temperature should be at -5 degrees.( this is to keep tea for a longer time and keep the taste the same as it is)

Attention: also do not store the tea more than one year in the fridge, you’d better drink it in half a year.

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