Travelling Teabox on the way! - Round 1

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ok i want to know who put in the maple leaf flag?? who’s all Canadian here? so stoked our flag is in it!! yea-yeah!!

PeteG said

I did…the mini flag was with me while I was in Afghanistan…thought it should travel the world once more….

nice!!! luve it!! :)

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I fell out of bed and cracked 4 ribs, cheekbone, big face bruise. Meanwhile, i have a miserable week or two ahead, till ribs heal. ouch! I’ll see if i can get someone to come over and help me get the ttb moving again soon. sorry about the wait.
Uniquity said

Holy smokes! Best of luck with the recovery…

oh no! gentle hugs feel better soon, and heal up well

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Okay, kids … I’m getting up for longer than the essential daily activities, now. The cracked-rib pain is improving faster than that from a spinal compression fracture does. Those take up to 3 months to resolve completely. I’m speaking as one who has crushed 12 vertebrae over the past 20 yrs, due to osteoporotic bones, despite state of the art treatments. Anyone here in the O-boat with me? Let’s talk … I have experience to share which might help someone else avoid medical pitfalls (some of which I didn’t).

But on to the tea! The TTB will be ready to send to Chana in a couple of days. It’s almost ready! Thanks for bearing with me. :)

PeteG said

I’m so glad you are o.k. Pamela…take it easy and sip some healing leaves…hugs

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Yay! The TTB is all taped up and will be taken to the Post Office on Monday!
@Chana, I’ll email you the tracking number after it’s sent.

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Update: The TTB is in the mail, finally! I sent it First Class Mail yesterday, the first day I’ve been able to drive and get out of my apartment. My brains have been so scrambled by the pain meds on top of my regular prescriptions, that I couldn’t complete tasks. I’m so sorry for the delay, and I hope I didn’t mess up anything.

Yea! go package go!

chana said

Ha! Dusting off my dancing shoes, I’ve only been waiting 15 months!! LOL

Yay TTB!

@Chana, Any sign of the ttb yet? Gosh, it’s 3 weeks now since it left here. Any word from Customs? I hope you receive it before another 15 months goes by … :)

chana said

The TTB has landed!! Unfortunately, it arrived just as the Passover holiday was starting, and my (kosher) kitchen had just been switched to only kosher-for-Passover. I couldn’t resist opening the box and taking pictures (up on my blog meanwhile), but then with great sadness I had to put it away for the week. The holiday has just ended, I’m switching the kitchen back, and the tea goodness can commence!!!

It’s an amazing stash – I honestly don’t know how I can resist taking the whole shebang – but I will be choosing my goodies, adding a few, and sending it off to Angrboda asap.

Awesome job of packing, btw!

Angrboda said

Chana, I’m just in the initial stages of moving house. When you’re ready to send it on, could you shoot me a message first, because right now I’m not sure yet if it would be more practical to send you my new address or not.

@Chana Have you sent the TTB on to Angrboda? I hope my 2-stage method and notes didn’t cause a misunderstanding. After removing one large bag of stuff, I meant for Chana to send the rest (of the ttb) on to Angrboda.

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How does one apply to have one’s name included on the list — or is that not possible?

I am relatively new to Steepster, but I have a few goodies I could put in there :)

Angrboda said

This thread only deals with round one, which started in january 2010 and took submissions in december 2009. It’s currently on it’s way to the last person before it returns home to me.

The second round was/is being planned by the Steepster admins, and Jason made a thread about that. I think they’re done taking submissions for that one as well, but I don’t know what plans are for a third round.

(I haven’t been paying attention as I didn’t sign up for round two, so I don’t even know if that ever got off the ground or if it has been shelved)

I would suggest trying to contact one of the admins about it. :)

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