Travelling Teabox on the way! - Round 1

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Doulton, if you don’t mind my asking…what is your number?
I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas:)

TTB travel order:
0. Angrboda
1. teafiend
2. Kitch3ntools
3. Ricky
4. Mike
5. Jack
6. JacquelineM
7. tea=Bliss
8. AmazonV (Philadelphia, PA)
9. Hyrulehippie
10. Doulton
11. laurenpressley
12. LENA
13. Janni
14. notarevolution
15. Cofftea
Switch to 1.2
16. Jason
17. Alannah
18. threewhales
19. Frolic

Ricky admin said

Looks accurate to me =]

AmazonV, thanks for keeping this list up to date:)

Cofftea said

I was just typing that we’re missing someone- but then I realized that AmazonV started w/ Angrboda as 0 (she gets a 100 in my book!) and that’s what threw me off. I know notarevolution is right before me and I know I’m 16. Jason (steepster man) is after me.

Sorry, programmer, bad habit

Cofftea said

Does Jason have a son? He should… then we can say “he’s the son of a steepster man!”… ok wow… really lame Pulp Fiction joke… I’m going to bed now and saving everyone from more bad humor:)

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Doulton said

Yes, that looks correct. I think that you are number 19, threewhales.
AmazonV, would you like me to post that here or would you prefer a private message?

posting here is just fine, i plan to make a blog entry out of it (how many i have reviewed versus how many i have left)

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Just wondering where we were in the grand scheme of things:)
Thanks for the update.

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Doulton said

AmazonV: I have tried doing pictures with not much luck—I can do the larger pictures but not close-ups of pages and I am far too elderly to manage a scanner, which I do not have in any event. Nor do I have a xerox machine! Here’s what you have in the tea journal that accompanies the box:

Took: 4 scoops McNulty’s Strawberry-Kiwi Herbal
Added: 4 scoops 52teas Maple Bacon Black tea
Took: 3 scoops McNulty’s Vanilla blended tea
3 scoops McNulty’s caramel blended tea

3 scoops Teavana Peachberry Jasmine Sutra Green
8 Scoops Mighty Leaf Aloe Serenity Green tea
4 teabags Mighty Leaf African Amber Organic

1 Tazo wild sweet orange
1 Tazo Joy
1 Mighty Leaf white orchid
1 Numi Puerh Chocolate
1 gemi Te Rooibos sydafrikansk
1 allegro fine tea Rooibos red spice
6 Scoops permium seap cozy almond black
Added: 50 g. two leaves and a bud organic jasmine pearls

3 scoops Upton Tea improts: Assam Sampler Jutlibari Estate
3 scoops Adagio Pumpkin Spice
9 g. Red bush chai: the Tao of Tea
8 g. Disney’s WOnderland Tea: Mad Tea Party Blend
9 g. Adagio Gingerbread

Added: 6 scoops Radiance Tea House: Rain Flower Green Tea

3 scoops Subtle Tea: Pumpkin spice

Added: 1/2 jar Toucha Jasmine nests
6 oz. Plum Harvest – Teavana (discontinued)

I’m getting paranoid that I will lose this, so will continue transcribing your entry below.

thank you soooo much – I am glad you could read my handwriting – I choose to work in IT so few people would ever have to read my poor handwriting!

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Doulton said

AmazonV entry continued:

3 scoops Premium steep French Breakfast
3 scoops Premium speep Chocolate/coconut
3 scoops Harney & Sons: Florence
3 scoops Adagio Masala Chai
3 scoops PanYang Congou
3 scoops organic Black w/ coconut premium steep

10 g. Teahaus 982 cream
9 g. Teahaus 860 Sumatran Barisan
2 scoops aniseed tea luke Te m m
2 scoops Thayer St.

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Doulton said

I have the box packed up and ready to go. WIth the possible exception of one tea bag, everything that Angrboda added has been claimed.
Everything the second person added has been claimed aside from one tiny serving of Thayer St.

For the third person, everything added has been claimed.

For the fourth person, everything added has been claimed.

Person number 5: 3 of the McNulty’s are still in play, but are down to small serving sizes.

Person 6: a small amount of your TeaHaus contribution remains.

Person 7: Everything is gone aside from the possibility of tea bags (I didn’t really look into those)

Person 8: Remains: some tea bags
6 loose teas

So you can see that there is a lot of turn around but the box is still very filled.

I’ll get it in the mail this afternoon or tomorrow at the latest and will post when it’s on its way.

I think this proves we are an adventuresome bunch!

thanks so much for summing up the box content rotation so far!

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Thank you Doulton, for such a complete description of the box contents:)

Ricky admin said

Agreed, double thanks for listing everything =]

All my stuff has been claimed =(

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Doulton said

I’ll keep it open if you like and so a full census of what is in it right now. I will package it up and get it to the PO by tomorrow, however.

That would be splendid:)

that would be AMAZING
does this make me a TTB voyeur? or just nosy ;-)

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Posted on my personal TTB samples progress here:

Between all the samples and swaps and orders I have gotten lately I haven’t gotten too far, shame on me

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Doulton said

Here is my list:
I think I added a bit more than I took because I took so many single servings and added many multiple servings.

1 serving Special Teas Almonds with Pieces
1 serving Mariage Freres, Thé de Pasques
1 serving Ann Arbor TeaHaus Cream Black Tea
1 serving Samovar Royal Garland
1 serving Samovar Masala Chai
Premium Steap Chocolate Coconut
Adagio Masala Chai
1 serving Black Panyang Congou
1 serving Organic Black with Coconut Premium Steap
2 servings McNulty’s Vanilla Blend
2 tsps. Andao Spring Snail Shell
Remainder of bag of Premium Steap Cozy Almond

I did add more than I took, but my interest is more in tasting than in accumlation. There were quite a few small tins that had only one serving left in them.

1 box empty tea bags
2. K-Teas Captain’s Blend Earl Grey
3. Kusmi Tea: small tin Troika
4/ Teavana After Dark
5. SerendipiTea: De-Caff Chocolate A-Peel
6. The Tea Table: Belgian Chocolate Rooibos
7. Culinary Teas Orange Spice
8. Ganmaicha Green Tea with Rice
9. Rishi Organic White Tea
10. Teavana Six Summits Oolong (almost the entire bag)
11. About 8 sundry tea bags
12. Boston Pomegranate Black tea bags

I took a photo but I don’t know when or if I will succeed in getting it uploaded. I do have a FLICKR account and will let you know if I manage to work it.

the Premium Steap Cozy Almond is yummy, pinch of sugar and almond milk

Doulton, thank you for being so nice to really tell us what is the in box and you what you added. It is hard being #19, but your posts were enjoyable to read:)

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