Hello and hello!

Hey all, brand new here, avid tea drinker. My fiancee and I have a pot going most of the time, and we even have a nice selection of pots ranging from a yxing pot we use just for green brewed gung fo style up to “big Joe” our 12 cup chatsford, with a great cozy fitted to it that can give us tea all afternoon.

So what are people excited about recently? I just ordered some SFTGOP1 Mist Valley from Upton, and I’m very excited to receive it. I adore the high altitude Nepalese and Darjeeling teas, and with Temi estate and Margaret’s Hope becoming more expensive, I’m hoping Mist Valley will be a new favorite.

Best wishes, yours in Tea

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Upton have lovely teas. Reminding me to submit to them one day when cash is allocated my way.

Happy teas!

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Welcome! Check out our site for a wide range of delicious teas!


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DaisyChubb said

Hey Todd, welcome to Steepster!
I think you’ll find our little community quite welcome and tons of fun :D

Happy teas indeed.
I’m excited for the weekend so I can drink caffeinated teas all day. ahhh.

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I’m excited that my boyfriend’s parents just got me a year of tea of the month for Christmas! It’s with Adagio (who I recently actually STOPPED shopping with) so I hope all the flavors are good…. I’m also excited I just restocked with Teavana and got $10 off and free shipping last night! And my boyfriend’s family is coming into town Saturday so I will probably take his mom to Lupicia at the mall (where I haven’t been in probably 6-8 months!) so I might be able to get some more tea there :)

On an UNRELATED to tea note, I’m excited that tomorrow is Friday and that there are only 6 days left until we get 2 weeks off winter break! I love my students but I need to catch up on sleep! (except I have to get a recently discovered impacted wisdom tooth out on the 20th so boo for that)

I’m also UNexcited that 100+oz of tea today plus not enough food equals not feeling well tonight :(

More than you EVER wanted to know! :) Happy Steepster-ing. Be careful, though… it’s bad for the budget!!!!

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Welcome to Steepster, Todd! This is a great place to commune with fellow tea lovers and get turned on to all kinds of wonderful teas.

What am I excited about? Right now it’s the delightful organic Keemun Heng Ru that arrived from Upton yesterday and that I enjoyed with breakfast this morning. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for in a Keemun, and the price is more than reasonable.

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Welcome to Steepster! This community is wonderful – you’ll meet some great folks, learn some great things about tea and with hope, discover some new teas. :) I’ve been a part of Steepster for a little over a year and have loved being a part of the community. Hope you will too! :)

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