Toronto Tea Festival 2018

The Toronto Tea Festival is coming up this weekend!
At the Toronto Reference library. 45+ vendors and seminars.
Who’s in? :)

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TheLady said

It was amazing!! hope everyone who went had a great time! Although I’m starting to think that they need a bigger venue

I had a blast, and caught up with some old friends. Yes they really need a bigger venue. However the setting is so perfect and anything bigger with access to a working kitchen is very expensive to rent :(

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Leafhopper said

I thought about going this year, but didn’t want to be tempted by all the tea for sale! I’m interested in hearing how it went and what everyone bought.

oh man I’m not sure I should post I went all out. There was a lot I needed to restock from last year, plus all the new stuff… oy. It’s terrifying

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I was far too sick to go this time. I am sorry that I missed it this year and especially hanging out and visiting with our tea peeps. (But not sorry that I didn’t lug home bags and bags of new teas because stop the insanity already.) Looking forward to hearing about the event, the new vendors, and your purchases. Oh, and also which teas in the samplers won the awards.

The venue and the event is great, even though it gets packed. I will go next year.

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Oy. It’s terrifying.

Lol. I feel ya.

It really is!! And most of what I got isn’t already in the database here :/

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TheLady said

I’d love to hear what everyone got this year as well! I’ll start off with mine I suppose LOL

Genuine Tea- Cream of Earl Grey
Tea Sparrow- Pineapple Coconut Oolong, ended up getting the subscription service which I just got today! :D
Momo- Sencha Peach, Genmaicha
Milk Oolong- Milk Oolong
Camellia Sinensis- Dragon Pearls
Misty Mountain- Osiris

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