Who Has Received Their Envelops/Packages From Me?

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Camiah said

I received mine yesterday! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to try them. It was very generous of you to share your stash like this.

I’m so glad you got it!!!!

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Plunkybug said

How does one get a special envelope/package from you?

I can send you one :) I’m doing mini envelops – about 5 or 6 samples or a small flatrate box but that will take a while as I am pretty backed up! LOL – but I would LOVE to share whenever possible…PM me your addy!

Ellyn select said

If you are looking for more people to send packages to I would love to! I can send you a package in return if you’d like! :)

Ellyn – I’d be up for a swap in January, sure! It does take me a while to gather and send because I do Mystery Packages :) Is that cool???

Ellyn select said

No problem. I love a good mystery! I will PM you my addy and in JAN when you send ill send you some tea also! THank you so much . I just love sharing the tea love!

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I’m not in a rush or anything but I worry that you may have sent it out and I didn’t receive it. If you can, inform me when it’s sent please? :)

:) I haven’t sent yours yet :) – I have a larger box started but not finished yet for you!! teehee – is January ok???

January is fine. February is fine. So long as it’s not lost in the mail. :) yaaaay tea!

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Margaret, Kevin, Kiersten – I’m sending your envelops out today!
Ashley – I’m sending your package out today!

Tamm said

:D :D :D Thank you Thank you! I’m very excited! :) :) :)

K S said

Woot! Woot! Will let you know when it arrives.

Yay! Thank you so much! I’ll let you know when it gets here :D

My package arrived! Thank you so much!

Great to hear! I sent yours out the same day as Kevins so I hope he gets his soon, too!

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I feel like I don’t know what is going on here or perhaps out of the loop. Was there a pass or something? Or just something you decided you were going to do on your own? Just curious. Either way, I shouldn’t be getting anything since I didn’t know about. I am only asking because I am just being nosy that’s all. :-)

No worries…a while back I just decided to send up to 5 samples out to each person who was interested to share my stash, etc. A few of them have turned into swaps…I’d love to send you some towards the end of January is that cool!? Let me know…

Sure, always happy to try new teas. Thanks. Do you still have my addy?

PM it to me again :) I’m forgetful LOL

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DaisyChubb said

Hey lovely!
I haven’t sent you package out yet, everytime time I go to the post office it’s full of people and I have a short lunch break, but after the Christmas flow slows down I’ll get yours on it’s way. b^_^

No prob at all – whenever :)
Post Offices have been CRAZY lately that is for sure!

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