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Yatra Tea Company: 2018 Sales and Promotions

Edited 6/11:

Hello! Its Vikram from Yatra Tea Company (https://www.yatrateacompany.com/shop/)!

Announcing a 30% discount on all items until June 14, 2018! No code is required.

Premium, single origin teas from India and Nepal are still in stock! If you’re looking for something light and floral that doubles as an excellent refreshing cold brew, check out our offerings from Darjeeling in Goomtee and Thurbo.

Bold Assams make excellent breakfast teas. In stock, we have the world renowned Halmari and a quality production from Khongea.

And not to be forgotten are our offerings from the Nilgiris – high grown beauties from Glendale and Craigmore, the latter making an excellent cold brewed black tea!

Looking for something other than black teas? We have a lovely white peony with distinct Assam terroir courtesy Doomni, and an organically produced green tea from Tripura thanks to Fatikcherra.

New to our teas? Our sampler is the best way to acquaint yourself with our offerings!

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a great week!

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Excelsior said

Thinking of placing two orders. I have never tried any teas from Nepal so this would be first on my list. As for the Darjeelings, which would you recommend? You know my preferences for Darjeeling tea.


YatraTeaCo said

Hey – personally, I love the Sakhira from Nepal, so much so that I’ve requested the producer to make me something similar this spring. Hoping that materialises!

Given your preference for later invoice Spring Darjeelings, go for the Thurbo (DJ 39). I personally like the DJ 5 Goomtee, but I like the early invoice Darjeelings even though I find them more finicky. Whichever you order, I’ll send you a sample of the other.

Thanks – keen to hear what you think of the teas!

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Excelsior said

OK. Placed my order for the Sakhira and Thurbo.

YatraTeaCo said

Thanks for giving us a try! Given your in depth knowledge of Spring Darjeelings, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the Thurbo. Hopefully you will also enjoy your first foray into the world of Nepali teas through the Sakhira!

YatraTeaCo said

Teas are on their way!

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Excelsior said

The First Flush Thurbo Estate, 2017 Darjeeling was very good.

Hits all the flavor notes of a Spring Flush Darjeeling. Good balance of flavor and astringency. Just a little light on depth and body. It’s a Spring Flush Darjeeling, so the depth and body may not be a concern. The taste is good and the tea is all the better with the low cost. Yes, depending on preferences, you can buy a better Darjeeling. The thing is marginal gains. Would you be willing to pay more than 3 times the price to get that last ounce of body and depth?

The teas come packaged in ziplock Mylar bas and the customer support is very good. Lots of other retailers offer Darjeeling teas. I especially like retailers trying to up their game by really reaching out and listening to customer comments.

I am not employed by Yatra. I am not a fake customer. I am a real consumer enjoying the taste of the Yatra teas. I can go on and on write a clinical analysis but I won’t.

Give their teas a try.

YatraTeaCo said

Many thanks for the kind words. One thing I have discovered is how much I like interacting with people over the topic of tea.

I am glad you enjoyed the Thurbo! And I hope you give us the opportunity to send you more tea in the future!

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Curious as to why this thread keeps getting bumped with no new replies.

YatraTeaCo said

In an effort to maintain just one dedicated thread for my company’s sales and promotions, I edit the main body of the thread on a weekly basis, or whenever I offer a new promotion. If you scroll up you will notice an edit date. Every time I edit the thread gets bumped up.

This way I do not flood the forum with a new thread every week.

Aha! I thought I was going crazy. :)

YatraTeaCo said

:) no, just the opposite, you’re quite observant.

I think there may have been a discussion at the very start of the year about companies promoting their teas. I was guilty of multiple threads in 2017 and figured just one dedicated thread updated on a weekly basis would suffice.

I think the site is much cleaner now, except for the spam every now and then…

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