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So, okay, we have COMPLETELY sold out of our Maple Bacon Tea after reblending it THREE times. I have just ordered some more supplies so we can make some more.

Honestly, I crafted the maple bacon tea as something of a lark. Someone suggested we make a bacon flavored tea, and I think that they were probably half-joking/trying to stump me. But I’m not easily stumped and I took up the challenge. Here’s the weird thing:

I thought at first that people were buying it for the novelty factor and that it would be exciting for a minute and then pass. But we have had several repeat orders and people who are demanding that we make more, and create more bacon blends. I have a local gentleman customer who swears it is the best breakfast tea he’s ever had.

So, I told people (on Facebook) that we were out but that we were going to be reblending and creating NEW bacon blends, and I got a bunch of positive replies. When I said I was thinking of creating a bacon beer tea, one guy said “Yeaaaaah beer and bacon!!!!! If you make it, you’re a god!”

So now I’m starting to wonder, are men under-served in the tea community. We know that statistically women drink more tea than men, but is that because we have made specialty tea into a feminine product? I mean, rosehips and chocolate and tropical fruits are a far cry from snips and snails and puppy dog tails, or to be more precise—beer and bacon.

I’m just sort of musing aloud here, but I would welcome your comments and input. I’m thinking maybe I should start a line of Man Teas. Got any suggestions for me? Beer, bacon, potato chips…?

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Cofftea said


Definitely Jalapeno. Maybe a Jalapeno cheese dip flavor?

I am working on a black pepper bacon blend. Maybe I should do jalapeno bacon instead?

I would like to try a Jalapeno Cheese Dip…LOL…sounds interesting!

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Karsh said

I like the idea of maybe a beer-flavored tea. There’s a specialty ice cream shop here in Atlanta that does beer-flavored ice creams (Guinness, Newcastle, etc.), and they’re delicious. Granted, tea and ice cream aren’t related, but beer-flavored tea sounds like an interesting blend to experiment with for the future.

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LENA said

I’m a chick that LOVES her some beer. I would totally order (at least a sample) of beer tea…and of course share with my husband. Adagio tried the savory teas shtick, but I think this could be different….and more successful.

I also love extra dirty martinis…but I don’t think it would translate into a tea very well. A lapsang souchong blend could make for an interesting cigar flavored tea.

I think the dirty martini would have to be a green tea, or maybe a pu erh. (I also love the “dirty and neat” martini with extra olives.

Cofftea said

I LOVE green olives!

Jillian said

Cigar-flavoured = BLEH ^infinity

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I tend to like Manly teas and I am female!
I will say my father (and I) both LOVE Gunpowder!
But it seems anyone and everyone can do a Gunpowder.

If you are looking for different…maybe Vinegar Potato Chips or BBQ Potato Chips!?
Garlic!? Salt and Pepper!?

Beer nuts!?

Or Beer!?

Rum & Coke!?


Beef Jerky

(mind you these are coming from a vegetarian! LOL – I wouldn’t like THOSE but I know people who would!)

Mustard or Ketchup?

Buffalo Wing!?

Cofftea said

They already have the coke so yes- rum, vodka, and kahlua ‘n’ coke teas are a must. Bloody Mary?

Carolyn said

I would love a BBQ potato chip flavored tea.

drhiphop said

Yeah, I was wondering why the discussion was called “man teas” too. I’d love to try the bacon tea, and one that closely resembles barbecue (maybe not chips) sounds good—it could grab all of those smoky, wood chip flavors that make grilled things so good.

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Chocolate Covered Pretzel? Or just plain Pretzel?
Peanut Butter?

My grandfather would’ve LOVED
Maple Walnut?
Almond Pistachio?


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Dry Wines!!!!

Of all kinds! Endless possibilities!

Jillian said

YES those would be awesome! I’d totally buy a Chardonay or a Pinot Noir-flavoured tea

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Cofftea said

Curry? I love Adagio’s white cucumber so how about a dill pickle green tea?- cucumber, dill, vinegar, salt (other pickling spices?) and green tea.

I was thinking about a Dill one…I’d try it! :p And I’m all about Curry! Perfect tea for cooking attempts, I bet!

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Cofftea said

What about pine for the outdoorsman? I experimented, but couldn’t get it strong enough. It’s gotta have the sappy thing goin’ too.:)

Jillian said

You can make a herbal tea out of pine or spruce needles – in fact it wasn’t uncommon for the indigenous peoples to do so, particularly in the winter when fresh food was scarce.


Meg said

If you used spruce needles, you frequently got your dosage of vitamin c, too.

Cofftea said

@Jillian, yep. Tried it. Check out my tasting notes:)

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Here are some more I was thinking of…

Apples & Oak
Sage & Citrus
Buttermilk Pancakes
Cucumber Wasabi
Dandelion Pear
Leather (more for the smell?)
Rootbeer Float
Sandalwood & Lemongrass or just Sandalwood?
Sweet Grass, Green Grass, or Mossy Oak
Toasted Hazelnut
White Zinfandel

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Meg said

Guinness. I’d drink it too. :)

id so buy a sample of Guinness tea!

Janefan said

me too – hubby and I would both try it!

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