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Steepster Select January Giveaway

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We’re back for the monthly Steepster Select giveaway. Answer the question below and you could win the January box. The winner will be chosen randomly after the contest closes on Wednesday 12/14.

What tea reminds you most of the Holidays?

Good luck!

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Uniquity said

My first thought was Chai, so that’s what I’ll go with. The spices in it and the aroma remind me of gingerbread, which is a popular cookie with my family at this time of the year. On stovetop it is rich and warm, and reminds me of eggnog (another favourite!) but it’s just as good the Western way. Mmm.

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Sugar Plum Spice from Celestial Seasonings. For as long as I can remember, I have adored this holiday tea. Mom and I usually went through one box per holiday season…it just brings up all those warm, fuzzy feelings.

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. Even though I’ve never had it before this year, the first thing I thought about when I tried Harney & Son’s Hot cinnamon spice was Christmas. There’s just something holiday-y about it!

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Spot52 select said

Lapsang Souchong reminds me the most about Christmas. There is something all holiday-e about pine smoke tea.

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teawing said

From a traditional standpoint, it would be Constant Comment by Bigelow.
It was always in the house around the holidays growing up…

Recently, the pumpkin spice teas I have tried have given me that holiday feeling.

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For me, it’s anything apple-y or that hints at apple cider, since making apple cider is one of my favourite holiday traditions. DT’s Baked Apple from last year or Mom’s Apple Pie. Even Den’s Apple Sencha!

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There’s this Christmas tea I got from my husband’s German grandmother. I drank tons of this tea while visiting Germany over the holiday that year. The smell of it always brings me back there. It’s got orange peel and spices and hibiscus. I put honey in to offset the hibiscus. Otherwise, I like it.

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Coming from a coffee and hot chocolate kind of family (I don’t think anyone really drank tea in my family except occasionally, and when they did they drank that horrid stuff from the yellow, red and white box), I don’t really have a traditional tea for the holidays… although there are quite a few that make me think of Christmas when I sip them. Anything with hazelnuts, specifically, reminds me of Christmas, as do warmly spiced chai teas.

I do have a couple of wintery holiday teas in my stash that I need to get busy and try, and I am sure that those will evoke thoughts of the holidays for me too.

currently sipping Culinary Teas’ Brandy and Winter Peppermint Tea … and this tea reminds me of the holidays. Wow!

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Celestial Seasonings Tea has a “Candy Cane” tea that i love to put into my Hot Chocolate…. . mmm yes, candy Canes are defintely the Holidays BEst!! and keeps everyone fresh breath for that ol’ Mistletoe ;)

My other holiday treat is taking Peppermint and chai [loose or Bagged] and have it sit in hot chocolate w/ whipped cream…very dessert like. :)

That’s such an awesome idea with the candy cane tea! I’m am so trying that.

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Janefan said

Christmas Morning by Stash, which I discovered a couple years due to a grocery store holiday promotion. I drink it year round (it’s just a blend, no “holiday” spices or anything.)

Although my new favorite holiday tea this year is Candy Cane Lane – I finally succumbed to the hype and it is totally founded in my book. Good thing I bought two boxes – that may get me through to New Years!

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