Steepster Select January Giveaway

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A few christmases ago I bought a box of candy cane tea and I fell in love with it. Now every christmas I get cozy around the fireplace with peppermint tea. Peppermint is very refreshing and its always interesting to drink hot because it leaves a cool tingly feel in your mouth. I also have peppermint syrup so I can make it into a latte. Always reminds me of the holidays :)

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Michele said

Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea Series 6—the only Star Wars themed holiday tea. Really lovely black tea that I bought for a few friends as gifts last Christmas.

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Any kind of chai or other type of tea with a spiced kick to it reminds me of the holidays. All that spice always reminds me of holiday baking and tree decorating.

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Tabby said

Organic Apple Red by Tazo! My mom got it for me in a set for Christmas last year and I drank it a lot that day and the few weeks afterward. Now every time I taste it, it reminds me of winter and being cold, and of course, my mom. :)

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C-chan said

I have to agree with chai in general, though Bigelow’s Constant Comment is a close second.

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Adeline said

Any candy cane-inspired tea! Candy canes have always been one of my favorite Christmas treats.

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I would have to say Pink Christmas by the American Tea Room as this is a wonderful blend of apples, orange peel, cinnamon, linden blossoms, cranberries and pomegranate arils. And this makes for a premium botanical infusion to be cherished during the holidays.

Other wise I have no experience with Holiday teas. I am a tea drinker/consumer every day; I don’t need occasion since with me it is necessity with leisurely ease. We require oxygen for daily living but it is not thought of, rather it is taken for granted. Thus is my need for tea; I have to have it or else I cease to exist.

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gmathis said

Bigelow’s Eggnog’n. Hard to find in my part of the world but worth the hunt when we go out of town in December. (On my shopping list for St. Louis area in a couple weeks!)

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Jason admin said

UPDATE: And the randomly selected winner is … Kristin! (

Kristin is the proud winner of last month’s Steepster Select box. If you didn’t win, no worries. We have a contest each month, so check back for details in the discussions.

Sorry we’re late in announcing this winner.

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