Tea Truck

Has anyone ever gotten tea from a food truck? How was it?

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AllanK said

This is likely to be pretty bad as most food trucks would just have supermarket tea bags, Lipton and the like. I would avoid tea from a food truck and probably get the coffee as that is more likely to be decent. Although I would probably not buy any tea or coffee from a food truck as there is always a Starbucks around.

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I don’t think Lipton bags would be the problem so much as the water storage (tanks? 5gal bottles?) and the brewing temperature. What equipment is onboard, or is the brewing water coming from the hot-water-spigot off the coffee urn?

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AJ said

That’s a bummer, it sounds like a great idea.

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YatraTeaCo said

Not tea-related, but coffee: there was (maybe still there?) an Australian guy in Boston who owned a “coffee trike”. He’d roll into downtown Boston near office parks where other food trucks were parked. Had a great demeanor, and even better coffee I am told.

It would be neat to do the same with tea!

But yeah, I’m assuming that unless its a specialty tea truck, most tea from a regular truck is probably basic teabagged tea…

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