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I know not everyone is a huge fan of TEAVANA, but I really was – specifically their Golden Monkey, Gyokuro Imperial, and Indonesian Gold. Does anyone have any insight into the suppliers that TEAVANA used? I tried to collect as much of these particular teas as I could before they all closed, and I’m sure I’ll have to search eBay now, but I’m hoping to find out where to go from here…. any feedback is much appreciated!

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Arby said

This isn’t quite what you are asking, but Teavana’s Golden Monkey is very similar in taste to Yunnan Sourcing’s Gold Jin Jun ( and Feng Qing Gold Tips ( I’ve enjoyed Teavana’s golden monkey for a number of years, but since the store closed down in Canada I have been drinking Yunnan Sourcing’s golden assamica teas.

LuckyMe said

I’ve never had Teavana’s Golden Monkey, but wouldn’t this be the Yunnan Sourcing equivalent:

BTW, I own this tea and it’s awesome!

AllanK said

My favorite product from Teavana was not one of their teas but their rock sugar. This is now going for a ridiculous price on EBay. While I stocked up on it before they started closing so I have enough to last quite a while. I just bought some rock sugar from to see if it is a good replacement for the Teavana one. Picked up a few teas too.

MAYA HU said

Please let me know if you have good luck with the rock sugar; I was also a fan of that product :)

AllanK said

Got the rock sugar yesterday. My first impression is it is not quite as good as Teavana’s but it is close. It is cane sugar, not beet sugar. My second impression is it is not quite as sweet oounce per ounce as the Teavana sugar, perhaps because it is not beet sugar.

annie said

hm, I looked into this for a couple of hours yesterday and didn’t come up with much that would actually be helpful. and I only ever purchased tea from Teavana once (while visiting my sister, the tea was fine but the salespeople were pushy and it was an unpleasant experience…thus, I never shopped there again) so I might not be the best person to help with these specific teas, but these might be nice alternatives to try:

Golden Monkey:

and if you are into cryptids, this one from Wendigo is pretty good:

Gyokuro Imperial:
this one is hard because there are so many choices so I’ll just link to Yunomi, I don’t think you could go wrong with any of these:

Capital Teas also has a nifty ‘Teavana alternatives’ page and here is their gyokuro:

Indonesian Gold:
I had trouble with this one, but Capital Teas had this:

I know this isn’t what you were looking for…but I hope that was kinda helpful :-/

AllanK said

I have been wondering if Starbucks plans to carry a few teas in their stores. They have in my understanding kept the brand name and are apparently planning to sell bottled tea under the Teavana name.

After all Teavanas close, Starbucks will continue to carry select teavana teas in their stores. However, I don’t recommend ordering tea from starbucks because they don’t control the water temperature so everything comes out bitter.

Both Golden Monkey and Gyokuro are very common teas that you can find at a lot of other tea companies. Adagio might be a good place to start for both of those. Indonesian Gold is a bit trickier. I’d suggest giving this a try:

AllanK said

I know you worked for teavana. Do you know anyone selling the Mango Black or the rock sugar? I saw a similar rock sugar on EBay and have bought the sugar from Tea Gschwendner to see if it is similar. The Teavana rock sugar is now going for an obscene price on EBay.

Blends are trickier since they are usually proprietary. Teavana had an in house tea developer who created all of the blends. For the rock sugar, you can definitely find it other places. Just search rock sugar but make sure that it is made from beets instead of sugar cane.

AllanK said

I have seen that most people selling rock sugar on EBay that is not Teavana rock sugar seem to have very high prices right now, presumably because of what the Teavana rock sugar is going for on EBay although I don’t know if any of the sellers asking these ridiculous prices on EBay are actually getting buyers. I stocked up when I first heard Teavana was closing so I have enough to last a couple of years at least.

AllanK said

So far I have not found another rock sugar made with beets. The ones on EBay and Amazon seem to be cane sugar.

yyz said

Allan David’s has one but maybe not as large a jar as Teavana had.

AllanK said

Yes I was just looking at that. More expensive than was Teavana’s, less expensive than what people are trying to get for a pound of Teavana rock sugar on EBay now.

annie said
AllanK said

No I had not seen either of those. The one from the tea shop looks tastier than the one from the brewers supply.

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