Is buying matcha worth the price?

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$20 a month is nothing for a wonderful experience, a treat to yourself. One day you will be only a picture…enjoy now.

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Yes, Matcha is WORTH the price. Finest Ceremonial Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea is the HEALTHIEST TEA you can buy! It contains 137 times EGCG Antioxidants than average Chinese/Taiwanese Green Tea (Weiss et al, 2003) which you can buy in coffee houses and many supermarkets. Many Doctors believe that antioxidants help protect your body from disease-causing free radicals! There are many other health benefits of Matcha Green Tea. According to the Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets, it is one of Hollywood’s BEST DIET TIPS! My favourite brand is DOCTOR KING. You can buy DOCTOR KING Finest CEREMONIAL ORGANIC Japanese Matcha Green Tea (FIRST HARVEST MATCHA) at for really good discounted prices! I hope this helps you! X

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I love no-sugar added pure matcha milk as my every morning routine followed by other oolongs! Really wakes me up. I found matcha items packed into sachets. Convenient for traveling.

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We’re having a sale through 12/31 on premium Matcha, no additives or pesticides of any kind, and, uniquely, in individually sealed servings:

And also on a selection of single estate Taiwanese teas, now available in Nitrogen-sealed individual servings, suitable for travel or office use. These are teabags in name only:

Dustin said

I understand that you are trying to promote your business, but you made the SAME post in three other threads. I get it, you are having a sale. It is starting to feel a little pushy dude.

Sil select said

was just thinking that…especially since the threads are in the general discussion forum instead of the tea companies and promotions section..

Dustin, the post is repeated because different people see different posts. Yes, naturally, I want them to know about the company and this section of the market.

Sil, I was not aware of a restriction to posts, but if that is a rule of the community then I am willing to take account of it in the future.

Thank you both for your feedback.

sansnipple said

plus that many of these are really old dead discussions that you revived just to spam on is really questionable too

Cavocorax said

I just wanted to chime in and request that you limit your posts as well, and keep them in the Tea Companies and Promotion section. Some of us prefer to hang out in the General Tea Discussion thread without being “sold to.”

It seems to me that companies who are too aggressive on this forum tend to get ignored by potential customers. We’re a pretty relaxed group and don’t like to get pushed.


Member Sans…, your tone is rather shrill. I revived these posts because they are about Matcha, and therefore anything about Matcha that was posted here would reach Matcha lovers. That is by definition not spam.

Dexter said

But posting the same content in more than one thread violates number 4 of the Discussion Guidelines: “4) Don’t spam or post duplicate content.”
I think you need to take a quick look at number 9 also: “9) If you’re a tea company, please do not start new forum topics about your products or promotions. Feel free to post replies where relevant, but anything overly self-promotional will be removed.”
The fact that you are getting negative comments means that members feel they are bordering on spam, duplicate content, and self promotional.

Hi Cavocorax, I understand your point about the discussion threads, and I will categorise more in future posts. But really you are too quick to cry “foul.” When we have a new item out we just want it known. We do make sure to put it out there on the day it happens, but we don’t keep posting about it day after day, and we don’t have any fake accounts up here to fake review our teas. From my point of view, I just want the information out there. Did you know you could get Matcha in single servings? Isn’t that good information?

Cavocorax said

But you are posting this in a discussion that died 9 months ago. The person who started it might not even be an active member anymore.

If you want to promote your company, why not organize all your info into one master post with all the details you want on the teas you offer and the sales you have, and let us converse with you there? People who are looking for tea will find it. People generally flip through a few pages of the threads to make sure they didn’t miss anything so if they want to hear about it, they will.

Bringing up threads like this just clutters the boards.

Hi Dexter, I see your point on duplicate content. I was trying to reach people who like matcha, and assuming that not all of them follow all the matcha threads. Also, can I contact you offline regarding some of these issues?

Dexter said

I was just trying to clarify why you are getting negative posts by quoting the “rules” as stated at the top of the forums that everyone is suppose to read before participating…..

Dustin said

I’m not picking up on a shrillness from Sansnipple. I think soliciting or advertising numerous times actually does fit the definition of spam.

I love love love Cavocorax’s suggestion! There are several companies that have a master thread that they update regularly with new items for sale and info. When they update their thread, it brings it back up to the top of the discussion page. Doesn’t feel pushy or repetitive and the posts feel more genuine when they aren’t pasted repetedly.

ifjuly said

Agree with Dustin and Cavocorax and most everyone else—I personally don’t mind when a company has one go-to monster thread they update whenever appropriate with new information on what’s going on in the shop (new flavors, sales, whatever)—IIRC 52teas, Red Leaf, and yeah, Butiki do this and they get plenty of feedback and response in those threads. But peppering the entire site, promotion area or no, repeatedly and constantly is at worst possibly against the rules and at best likely to be ignored by or a turnoff to a lot of Steepsters. I’ve noticed the companies that do the “wide cast blanket” spammy thing mostly get ignored, probably because yes, it’s annoying and becomes overload you automatically tune out, and also comes across sometimes as potentially desperate which, fair or no, is usually yeah, a turnoff. I will say you aren’t alone in this approach, but other companies who also try this tactic generally get ignored or annoy people as well.

And as mentioned the rating one’s own teas has been discussed before and is frowned upon last I checked.

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Hi Cavocorax and Ifjuly. Your comments are constructive and balanced in tone, and I thank you for the feedback. We will in the future update company specific information in the relevant threads, which have already been established.

Regarding the rating of our own teas, we don’t feel that strongly that we MUST have a rating there. But we deny that there was any wrongful intent. It is our assessment of one of our favourite teas and was posted straightforwardly, under our own name, and with information we felt like sharing. I don’t see how our opinion of this tea is in any way less, or more, useful than that of any other member.

Dustin said

Your opinion of your tea is less useful because it is biased. You stand to gain financially from good reviews. You can write a review on your tea, sharing what you like about it without giving it a score and artificially inflating it’s overall rating, just like the other companies do. A humble approach comes across much better.

Yes, at the moment I suppose that the rating is artificially inflated, since there is only that one single rating! But I invite you to give it your rating, and bring it back down to earth :)

Dustin said

Fair enough. :)


….and now I’m tempted to leave my own review to cancel out that artificial inflation.

Well, we actually did drink that tea SFTG!

Have to say, It’s weird that people so resent our sharing our opinion of these teas. I mean, we enjoy finding them and bringing them to the market, but let’s not pretend there is Lipton-like profit to be had here. I actually have a day job! The profit may add a bit of spice to the equation, but the main thing is we dig the teas!


Then mantra, as Dustin says, remove your rating. Leave your review up, but take down the grading. You are damaging your opinion drastically, and I can safely say that while you continue to act like a child throwing a temper tantrum, people are not going to buy your tea.

SF, I assure you, I am completely relaxed and even smiling, and not at all mad at you :)
And sure, I will remove the ratings.

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Yeah, I agree with everyone else. I don’t like pulling up a general discussion thread and finding tea companies even mentioning their product. and nice response to this thread from a company might be something along the lines of facts like: Kitchen grade matcha is great for baking and smoothies but not so great for tea ceremony, tea ceremony tea looses its flavor when watered down and is not good for baking. and then leave it at that, unless a member asks the company: “hey, which of your teas are drinking grade and which are kitchen grade” then it is fine to talk about your product.
If you do review your own teas, just describe the flavor as best you can and comment on the astringency, bitterness, tannic or umami (which ever applies) as this gives steepsters a better idea of whether they will like the tea or not.

OT: I love drinking grade matcha, though kitchen matcha is a great way to… acquire a taste for matcha. Mixing Kitchen matcha, milk, and sugar makes an excellently flavored latte. If you find you really like it, then you can begin trying the more expensive stuff as it will save you money (on milk and sugar) and tastes nearly the same. But if you can’t stand matcha latte then don’t bother with the expensive stuff as you would be wasting your money.

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mars1 select said

shadowleaf is right, personal economy will dictate quality purchased. For everyday, I’m trying matcha from, its darker than pure matcha and do matcha, more of a bitter taste, but the quantity is large (8oz for 19$). I know silk road teas sells their for 16$ but I haven’t tried it yet. There’s also matcha that goes expensive, like the matcha blends at breakaway matcha. If worried only about health benefits, just go with the cheapest and withstand the taste. If you like the taste, go with expensive and consume only on special occasions.
Note: not advocating these at the moment, just the path I’m taking with matcha

Mars do you happen to know the weight of the Silk Road Matcha tin? What do they mean by 10 and 40 cups etc?

Sil select said

their weight changes depending on the tea. I’ve asked this in the past and there is no consistent weight – rather they’re consistent in the number of servings.

So it could be teaspoon or tablespoon and anything in between? That’s a bit unusual!

Contacted them: The approximate weight of a 40 cup tin of Matcha green tea is 66 grams. Please let us know if you have further questions!

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