Do you reuse teabags?

A friend of mine always dries and reuses her tea bags. Is this common? I understand doing multiple steepings of certain loose teas for flavor but I don’t really see the advantage (other than economy) of re-steeping a teabag. Thoughts?

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Adeline said

It’s less common than it is with loose leaf, but I’ve found that some teabags have a decent enough flavor for two steepings. If I like a tea well enough, I usually try re-steeping it at least once, regardless of the form it comes in.

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re steep able to a point! But don not bother re steeping anything lipton, anything that is primarily consisting of fanning and dust (which most bagged teas are made of)…thats if you like really bitter mouth puckering and watery goodness?! Thats all on you but I recommend loose leaf tea that are bagged which can take multiple infusion of 2 to 4 depending on what type of tea it is. Drink on to heaven!

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