On a scale of 1-10, how tea obssessed are you?

I’m curious. There are so many regulars on here, I’m sure they will rate themselves high.
(1being: could not care less and ten being: tea consumes your soul!)
Myself, I’d have to say I’m a 9! I love it, loooooove it… and have never felt a passion for anything so intensely before xD

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ssajami said

Hmm…let see. I would probably rate myself about 8 or 9.
My family, however, would probably rate me at a 10, which is probably due to my stealthy taking over more and more kitchen shelves for my tea. Or the never ending stream of packages of tea arriving at the door. Or the fact that I take my teapot and 2,3,4 types of tea with me almost everywhere I go. Or…

Ok, yeah, I’m obsessed.

I get that to! my family would say 12!! but me, no I say more 8-9 like yourself

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Angrboda said

Hmmm… 7, I think. I’m interested in the topic. I like trying something new. I like to buy for myself a better quality than is available in most supermarkets and I think it’s fun to really try to consider what it tastes like and write a Steepster post about it. I can however subside perfectly well on what ever I’m served elsewhere without complaint.

For Steepster specifically, though, only 50% of my presence is to write posts. The other 50% are definitely the social aspect, getting inspired by, interacting and sometimes sharing samples with others.

ah yes the social aspect. I think tea was designed for it!! :D

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Uniquity said

This is hard – I go through spurts that near obsession. I seem to enjoy buying/trying more and new kinds of tea as much as I enjoy having tea in general – I’ll give myself a 6. Although, that is in comparison to average people, who I think of as 1s. I really enjoy having tea, and I do bring some with me when I travel and try to share the tea love as much as possible BUT I can go without it for days or weeks at a time if I have to. It’s just a nice thing to have.

me, I went for 6 weeks without caffeinated tea and it was hard!!! so I can do it but would never want to lol

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Ellyn select said

I go in spurts. In the winter, when its colder, I drink more tea and get more interested. I think I would give myself a 8 or an 9.

I can understand that! I think I am the same, to an extent (I always have hot tea even in summer just not as much), because it keeps me warm!!

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When it comes to tea obsession, I would rate myself a 10. It is a huge part of my day, I seem to live and breathe it.

mmmmm I have been like that before! working in an office and living with concerned family members… well it cuts my tea opportunities short haha. I think I would be the same as you otherwise :P
I’m thinking of taking a tea sommelier course in the new year actually!

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Intensely immersed into tea since venturing to researching the social aspect of tea drinking. I had no idea of the scope…mania for the consumption of tea and the likes. A 10+++++++++++++++++++++

Thank you so very much.

I love the ++++!!! :)
yes, the social aspect is awesome… when I can find fellow tea lovers!

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MaddHatter said

Humm, I’m not sure. My brother would probably say a 9 or more, but I would disagree. I have teas that I prefer and teas that I can live with out, but I am a bit of a snob in that I cringe when I hear him jam his tea spoon into the leave rather than placing it against the yea tin and rolling the leaves into the spoon. But I’m not a snob! My day does start with tea and usually end with tea, but in the winter my tea consumption is almost equal to coffee… So I’m gonna say maybe a 7.5 or 8?

crunching the leaves?!? Nooooooooooo!!!!!
I used to be a coffee drinker. and then I discovered tea and coffee and I were over. Since then, I’ve tried so hard to like it again but nope, tea has stolen my heart!!
and I will fully admit to being a snob! hehe

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As I consume the tea it becomes me and I become the tea! +10 for sure

Be the tea Nick!! that is an awesome attitude, I should live it to :)

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Excelsior said

My obsession is different based on the types of tea.
For FF Darjeelings—-9.5
For 2F Darjeelings—-7
For Alishan Oolong—-7
For Rooibos—-6.5
For flavored teas—-5
I buy my Darjeelings from Mariage Freres. Been buying from Mariage for 20+ years. The Oolongs I buy when I’m in Taiwan. Same store in Taipei for 18 years. The Rooibos, I would buy from any retailer selling Green Roibos. I would pretty much buy flavored teas from any retailer.

wow that is quite a range!! and so specific. Sounds like you really know your teas :)

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I appreciate the question, @Indigobloom.

I spend the largest chunk of my free time on All Things Tea (AT-Tea), so in answer to, How tea obsessed am I: On a scale of 1 – 10, I rate my tea obsession as a 9. (I am a teacher, and I like to emphasize to my students to always restate the question before answering, so what kind of teacher would I be without at least attempting to do so in my own life? : p )

AT-Tea doesn’t (or is it don’t?) consume all of my free time. And as time wears on, as with many things I get into, I am starting to see that my attraction to AT-Tea is put in a larger perspective to the other things in my life that I spent so much time on before AT-tea came into my life. So in that sense, it has been an ‘obsession.’

I hope this ‘obsession’ will eventually cool to a more meaningful and less intense relationship. (I am thinking of a post a while back of @SeattleTeaSnob’s : P)

So that is why, for now at least, since AT-tea takes priority over anything other than things devoted to keeping me alive (eating, sleeping, doing the minimum to maintain meaningful relationships, and working to pay for the food I eat and the roof I sleep under), I rate my obsession as a 9 (I’m still wondering if it should be 10, though).

I could write tons here about dysfunction and/or addiction (I have lots of personal experience with both) as it applies to my relationship to AT-Tea, but perhaps another time.

Thank you @Indigobloom for asking such a thought provoking question!

you are a good teacher!!
Is that a website? or a tea shop? I found a tea shop but no website…
I think if it brings you joy, why not embrace it? When you’ve soaked up all the tea obsession goodness, it is time to move on! but until then… drink up! :)

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