Personal tea drinking as opposed to sharing all that you consume...

I tend to mention the teas I drink(either as samples or fully bought teas) but I do have some that I don’t discuss simply because I would rather not be noting certain characteristic of the tea I am drinking.

I want it left alone. For me to drink it and not think of the aroma, character, infusion time etc.

Are any of you Steepster folks consuming but not revealing?
If so might it be for the reason I have tried to describe; in that you want to have a cup of tea with no examination.

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Angrboda said

The first time I’m having something, I try to always make at least a short post about it, but after that, especially if it’s something I know well, I don’t always write about it. Then I merely enjoy. Sometimes it’s because I haven’t got anything addtional to say about it anyway, and don’t really want to write the same post again, but sometimes, I just don’t want to have to pay that much attention to it. If I don’t feel like writing a post, I deliberately avoid those that I haven’t tried yet. Luckily for me, in those circumstances, I’m generally drawn towards my more familiar teas.

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Will said

I rarely post about teas online, whether here or somewhere else, but I do sometimes keep notes for myself when I’m trying new teas.

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Uniquity said

I tend to make a note on Steepster when I try something for the first time, or if I get something new out of it (or occasionally if I just want to write a post) but the majority of the tea I drink does NOT get posted about. If I wrote a note for every cup there wouldn’t be very much time left in the day. I also frequently write notes just after drinking, so that I can spend the time enjoying my cup.

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I suppose at some point drinking tea is not at all new and interesting as first introduced to someone new at constantly consuming it everyday of their lives. Its just becomes so engrained in habits that it becomes an extension of instinct to make tea and gulp it down and move on. Personally its a niche and obssesion for me to love tea.

I like that: “Personally its a niche and obssesion for me to love tea”. Good of folks to reply, I did not think anyone would.

Really thank you, and try not to rib me so much. I am frail.

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Shadowleaf said

I have had a lot of teas that I have not logged, mainly because I am lazy and do not want to add them all myself. I did post several teas when I was in Japan, until the earthquake occured and kept me busy with other more important things.

Thank you.

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The vast majority of the cups I drink are not logged. I generally log a tea the first time I drink it, and again if I have something to add to my previous observations about it. If I am drinking one of my favorite teas and it tastes as good as it always does, I just enjoy it.

Thank you, keep enjoying the brewed liquor privately at your leisure.

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Geoffrey said

I don’t log everything for a variety of reasons. For one thing, I often either have too much to say or nothing to say. If a tea impresses me, I’ll usually try to log a tasting note after I’ve had 3-4 drinking sessions with it and feel like I’ve gained a reasonable familiarity with it. I don’t want to waste my time writing about middling teas, as I really feel that it isn’t worth the energy. On the opposite end, I would only feel compelled to write about a tea that deeply offended me, like so bad it’s criminal. But I do my darnedest to stay away from teas like that, so you won’t hear much about these from me. There are other teas in my cupboard that I’ve acquired through personal connections, and I probably won’t ever write about them because they’re not available on the commercial market outside of China. For me to praise inaccessible teas would be of no use to anyone here.

You took the words out of my mouth.

Also- if a tea is good enough to need a tasting note, the last thing I want to do is interrupt my drinking to go log into the internet. Just drink the tea.

Geoffrey said

Yea. Cheers to that!

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The world is a blunder and here we are discussing tea and not posting since the illegal teas are not readily available to the rest of the world. Is that a good summation of sir Geoffrey?

I like wording best of bad teas as being ‘criminal’. I must remember that.

When first reading sir Geoffrey post it read as that saying ‘kiss and tell or don’t ’ or ask don’t reveal’ but it is my mind, sick I tell you all.

Thank you for all responses.

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Dinosara said

I guess I’ll be the outlier and say that I log (almost) everything I drink. Certainly every hot tea; lately I haven’t been bothering to log my cold steeps unless they are really good.

I like having Steepster as a record of what I drank when, especially as my tea collection grows. When I have said all I really want to say about a tea in previous tasting notes, my notes are more about the circumstances under which I’m having the tea or why I really felt like I wanted that one, etc. Usually those posts are really short, and not meant to be a true tasting note as much as a log.

And actually writing about a tea is one of the ways that I really focus and appreciate it… if I wasn’t writing a review, I might be distracted and not really paying attention to all the subtleties that the tea has to offer.

Thanks Outlier?…
it is true, writing or jotting notes does make one more focus on all doings. This instance it is tea. But do you not find that it adds to distraction of being occupied to much with the brewed liquor? Surely there is more than just tea…or tea consumption?

Are folks volunteer tea reviewers, social leisurely drinkers or what?
Why drink tea? Why review tea? and why Steepster?

I am thinking out loud, not meant to be in dissonance.

Ah, good point about using a review to focus on the tea. I’m lucky enough that my husband loves tea as much as I do, so we can always drink a tea together and talk about it. Tea is just made for sharing experiences.. it is always better with conversation, and Steepster (or just writing for yourself) can definitely serve that role.

Many good points. I do not think to drink tea and discuss it…palette, aroma etc. I might share a cup of tea with someone and discuss what to do for the day; discuss plans for weekend, next week, next year but never to say…’so what think you of this tea (color, texture etc.) The only time I have ever asked my husband about tea is do you want sugar in it; he likes his iced tea sweetened.

I should note he does not live for tea. Not at all.

Most clever of you and thanks.

Geoffrey said

Personally, I’ve always found that a fine tea is best appreciated in the company of a tea friend. Something about reflecting on the qualities of a tea with another person vivifies and deepens my appreciation of it. And so I only bring out my most precious teas to drink when I can share them with appreciative company.

Dinosara said

Yeah, unfortunately I don’t have anyone to drink tea with (my boyfriend can’t stand the stuff, and I rarely have company), so I definitely seem to use Steepster to fill that role.

Sometimes I’ll drink a cup of tea without thinking about it (always one I’ve had before), and then log it on Steepster later after I’m done. I started writing tasting notes on Steepster just for myself so I could keep track of brewing parameters that I like for each tea and remember what I liked and didn’t like about it. Then my notes kind of evolved into lengthy reviews (when I drink new teas) because I found other people’s reviews helpful. And I do find that writing the review helps me focus on the tea, which is part of the reason I continue to do it now.

Wish I could invite you over for tea! Very happy to have Steepster here to expand my private, local drinking community to the wider world. There are lots of great people here, who’s writing keeps me excited to share and learn more about tea.

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I log everything I drink, or at least I try to. I do try to keep from “reviewing” with simple things like “backlogging” or such, but I try to jot down a quick note. I enjoy reviews where the person tells a bit of a backstory, whatever was going on in their life that caused them to reach for that tea. I also put little notes about the tea in the review for myself. If it takes me a month or two to go through a package of tea, I can look back at my notes when deciding to restock or not.

I agree with Dinosara, taking the time to review a tea forces me to focus on the tea a bit more and not just brush it off as “something I drank with dinner”. I’m trying to focus more on the review aspect of the tea, describing the flavors and such, but with me, there’s always a story to be told. For instance, Alpine Punch from DavidsTea. A tasty tea, yes. But the reason it’s earned a special place in my cupboard is due to the memories it brings up of my late grandmother and her cookies. And I feel that’s important to note when I’m reviewing that particular tea.

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