Personal tea drinking as opposed to sharing all that you consume...

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Here’s to the Steepster and may the environment continue to prosper. As we are all at liberteas to come and go or to simply stop and move on.

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I log every tea I try at least once. That’s part of the fun of trying new teas is getting to write a post about them. But unless I have something new to say, I don’t write a second post just because I’m drinking the tea. Quality over quantity.

good to know of this. I log newly tried teas and then enjoy them and in fact finishing them and forgetting to log another reflection of the teas.

I have tried to log second and third…infusions for some of the more popular teas and at times it is a repeat and forced to reword the experience.

My writing is not always clear and at times confusing like the person that I am.

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Stephanie said

I really try to post a note when I first try a tea. Then after that I can relax and enjoy it.
And If I feel or discover anything new about that tea later on, I’m usually inspired and compelled to note that too—but it hasn’t happened much lately.

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Thanks. I try to purchase teas for review when funding allows for this. I do buy tea that I don’t mention on Steepster for my own use. As I mention this I recall being at grocery store selecting my usual unsolicited tea only that shelf had just been stock by vendors i am guessing. It seemed like they were waiting for me somehow; since having asked this question and someone was validating…yes, this is the tea she is hiding.

But this could not be so. I am interpreting the coincidence as such when not. On line happenings are made to seem realer than actuality. I must try and remember this and folks are not spying or what I imagine they be doing as far as what i consume or not.

I should add that I live to diet but I am unsuccessful at this since woman with children can be rail thin despite having had four or five.

Happy tea.

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I log all of the teas I try for the first time. Then if there is something notable about another infusion of the same tea, or the circumstances in which it was brewed I’ll log that as well. I used to log EVERY tea and then it started to get repetitive and boring… I guess that was when my cupboard reached capacity and I had to start drinking what I have before buying more! I have about two more months worth of drinking before I can splurge again *big sighs!

Nice that you have a time limit. I had not foreseen of this. At present my cupboard is seemingly empty, I still have some teas from Jerry Ma (Pu-erhs) to fall back on; other wise not much there since I have consumed them all. I really drink the stuff daily. It is water in my veins.

I crave Matcha but cannot afford it as yet. Other wise there is green tea…daily.

Indigobloom: You crack me up; you sound a lot like me! I really dislike having so much tea I can’t even consider buying more. It’s an interesting balance, buy some tea, but not too much that I can’t buy any more soon!

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Camiah said

I don’t log every cup I drink, but I do log quite a few of them. Often just because I feel like writing, and those damn little “likes” are seductive. It also feels like a way to connect more with a community of like minded folk. Not saying anything about what you are drinking isn’t very sociable on a site where the tasting note is the status update.

It seems a good community. Look forward to snowy, rainy days and spend it on Steepster drinking your favorite cuppa. I experienced this once during a heavy rain fall; hurricane with trees toppling over…anyhow, it was comforting to be on line while the forest roar.

I am just saying at times it is nice. As I have hardship, I can’t always appreciate it or the ribbing i perceive.

Happy tea, and thank you Camiah.

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SunnyinNY said

For me, tea is a very personal choice. While I love reading what others have to say about the tea they are drinking, I don’t let it sway my decision to try a tea. I love coming to this site to read other people’s reviews & while some get very detailed, my own aren’t as detailed. I just like sharing my view on the flavor & whether I would keep it stocked in my stash.

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seule771: Good question! Wow, it looks a though you have inspired many to respond here.

I wrote something days ago and due to a “technical difficulty” it did not get out (I think I hit one key one the keyboard, and my browser very causally navigated to the last page without any consideration of all of the text I had already entered on that page (which consequently disappeared). How rude! That’s why I am currently typing this is a word browser—which is what I typically do, unless it is a very short reply).

It seems I’m like some of the others out here: I like to make notes about a tea the first time I try it, but after that, unless something notable happens, I won’t make changes/additions to my review. The problem is, I am a perfectionist, so it’s hard for me to post a review that is does not take every possible variable into consideration (and I like to give the tea a fair shake before I post too, and that means sometimes more than one steeping session). If I like it I will more likely post right away (although I have literally over 20 notes sitting next to my computer waiting to be posted. : } ).

I also like my reviews to reflect that I have looked for the best in the tea; its easy for me to simply write what I like or don’t like about a tea (small picture); its harder to look at the bigger picture, which entails me asking the question, why am I writing this anyway? Is it just for the sake of criticism (tearing things down)? I’ve spent way too much time on this planet criticizing (mostly, myself). It’s time in my life for me to focus on looking for the good in everything (or building things up). It amazes me how much good there really is in life—which of course, includes tea (I don’t like my choice of the word ‘good’ here, but it’s the best I can do at the moment).

I am trying to get away from feeling like I have to analyze/criticize every thing, or tea, the first time I try it (It’s a lifetime habit, so it’s hard to break). This Holiday season I plan to focus more on the enjoying than on the reviewing. Your question helps to remind me of what’s really important for me. Thank you for asking!

Camiah said

My reviews read like a fangirl of just about everything I’ve tried. I’m apparently very easy to please, when it comes to tea. I know about the feeling of having to be critical of everything—I do sometimes feel like I’m missing a functioning palate if I like (or mostly like) everything I try (self-criticism! bah!). Anyway, it is a good point you make—the purpose of the reviews, and the big picture/little picture perspective. I appreciate the efforts to find good in things, even if I’m not always successful with it myself.

Reviews are fascinating things, what with all that the reviewer brings to them. That is one of the things that keeps me coming back to Steepster.

Camiah: thank you for your response.

It certainly is much more pleasant to look for the good in everything. Someone recently explained to me very simply, I can either choose to look at the negative in a situation, or I can choose to look at the positive; it is my choice, and neither perspective is any more ‘right’ than the other, so why not choose the positive view? I ask myself, Why did I not see that before? And no real answer comes to me. I guess I wasn’t ready to look at the world in a positive way, until now. : – )

Sure thing and thanks.
I think you are great as is. Good reviewer with great tools/apps of a notebook blog; totally amazing/awesome!

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Response to tea should reflect exactly how it makes you feel; or else why submit to drinking and reviewing of the drunken tea. And yet one must be polite and kindly say…this taste horrid, Yawks…I think it was indigo bloom who described a cup as such…it was kind of amusing to read and yet this is how she felt. She did not like that particular tea.

One bad review will not remove a tea from the market; nor two or three, four etc. And a good review is just that and more.

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