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Hi All,

I wanted to take the time to introduce Leafy Green. We are a new vendor (www.leafygreentea.com) that just launched a couple months ago and have been growing rapidly since then. We work directly with single estate farms and producers across Asia to ensure that we source ecologically sustainable products while stimulating the livelihood of our growers and their communities. We work with our farmers to select small lots of leaves that can be traced directly to their source. Our method of sourcing merits us the ability of ensuring the exact location of our leaves, the conditions that our leaves are grown under, the quality of those leaves, and the preservation of fair and equitable trade with our growers.

In short – we work hard to source high quality teas at very reasonable prices in order to make the tea buying experience easy for you. We very rarely have sales/discounts because we generally maintain very slim margins in our normal pricing.

If you have any questions about our company, our site, or our teas, please reach out!

~Leafy Green

P.S. I highly recommend our Taiwanese Oolongs. They are from a special 100-year old 4th generation farmer!

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Hi all!

My wife is currently in China sourcing new teas (I’ll be joining her in a few days). Make sure to follow us on Instagram @LeafyGreen_Tea. We have already found a fantastic wild Huangya (yellow tea) from the Anhui region of China and expect to have it up on the website shortly after returning from China in ~3 weeks.

Next stops —> Huangshan, Wuyishan, Anxi, and Taiwan!

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