Will said

reporting spam cumbersome

The current method for reporting spam is cumbersome and annoying.

1) It requires creating a (new) account with a third-party site
2) It only allows reporting a thread, not a specific post within a thread.
3) It requires filling out several boxes

I think there should be a much simpler way to report spammy discussion topics or other spammy content (reviews, etc.), as well as other inappropriate or objectionable content.

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I think it goes like this …

Yell “Jason, Jason, Jason, Jason, Evil Overlord, Jason, Jason …”

eventually he’ll come, or you’ll piss of the neighbors and end up in a phyc ward, either way its a win.

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Angrboda said

I’ve never had any problems with it, but I made the getsatisfaction account ages ago, so maybe I just don’t see it.

When I send something in, I always go for the ‘send feedback privately’ option. There’s a tiny link at the bottom of the pop-up box, and in spite of me not having visisted getsatisfaction in months and months, it was never required me to log in. Maybe it’s different if I don’t send it privately. All it asks me for is a name and an email address and all I fill out is the subject and the body of the message, much like in an email. Usually I just write ‘spam’ in both or something similar, and if it’s in a thread with many pages, I say which page I saw it on. It’s usually the last page anyway. If it’s particularly bizarre spam, I use the opportunity to point and laugh too. :p So I’ve never really found it particularly cumbersome, myself.

But yeah, it would be nice if there was a little spam button that you could hit that would flag a post for the admins. There was a thread that got botted the other day, which made me suggest captcha… (I know! Captcha is annoying! Sorry all!)

(For other objectionable things, though, I think it’s a good thing that it’s not TOO easy, so if you’re arguing with someone and find them so awful that the thought of reporting them occurs, your brain has time to catch up with your fingers before you’re finished complaining about how awful they are, if that makes sense. It might save us some unnecessary reporting done in anger)

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Jason admin said

FYI, you can also just shoot an email to me ([email protected]) and I’ll take care of it; at least you don’t have to signup for getSatisfaction.

We had talked about a number of different methods of allowing people to report/deal with spam. It’s a balance between trying to accomodate all possible instances of spam and not getting in the way of the tools and interactions on the site. I definitely agree there is more we could do to make it easier – I think getSatisfaction works better as a feedback forum/knowledge base for when you require an answer, rather than a reporting mechanism.

With that said, we are hoping to get some more automated features in soon which will reduce the number of spam accounts, thus reducing the amount of spam overall. I think that is the best place to start, then we can reassess once that’s in and see if it’s still a large issue. Thanks for your thoughts though.

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Not sure. I tend to speak my mind and how I relate to things may seem wrong but the experiences are bothersome only to me. I am not spamming anyone.

I like to drink tea and i am learning some aspect of it. Anyhow, I know and hope not directed at me but as said I take things personally and i do not mean to be offensive.

Don’t spam, it is not nice. Play nicely, world is too troublesome.

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