Menghai Dayi Pu erh tea samplers

Hi everyone! I am new to Puerh tea and would like to try out some Menghai Dayi samples. What are some good online sources shipping from China? Yunnan Sourcing has some excellent sample packs but I was wondering if there are others?
Thank you.

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mrmopar said

King Tea has some and Berylleb King Tea on eBay has samples on most of their line.

Thank you! King Tea looks like a good shop.

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Ganesh said

Yes, Ganesh, this looks like a perfect intro to Dayi Puerhs. :)

Ganesh said

And decent value for 20×50gr. = 1kg

Unfortunately, their shipping rates seem a bit prohibitive. :(

Ganesh said

Try to contact the own, Sameer. The website is new and there is still some work in progress going on, so there could be a mistake regarding shipping.

mrmopar said

Sameer Singh , contact him for sure he is always willing to work with people. You may be able to epacket those teas.

Hi Ganesh, Yes I got in touch with John and he was very helpful and kind. However, at this time, he cannot make a concession at this moment it seems.

mrmopar.. thank you for your suggestion! I will look into this.. but doubtful if epacket will work for Nepal, which is where I am based at the moment.

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Menghai Dayi pu er tea samples, JK Tea you could have to try. :)\

Thank you! Will check it out. :)

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I have been a bit busy, but I will be coming out with a few unique ones…
Same cakes (batch and all) with 10 year storage in Malaysia and 10 years storage in Kunming.
I also have the same exact shou stored in Guangdong and Hong Kong..

For now I just have the 2006 and 2012 Spring of Menghai from Dayi as a 6 year change in taste with same storage… there’s a ton that can change the taste between these but never the less they are great teas.

I already sold out of the 2009 7542 fake vs real 901/902/903 samples.
Let me know if there’s anything of interest to you regarding specific productions… I am working on the 7222, 8502, 8582, 6222… ect.

Thanks for your reply. Will look forward to an update on availability of the mentioned recipes. Fake vs. real samples do sound interesting!

Trust me, you want to check this out

Since my fiance has been out of town I had some time to split some cheaper Dayi stuff to if you’re interested but cakes are easily purchasable too

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TeaLife.HK said

I would be happy to ship to Nepal! My mom is actually half Nepalese—grandma was Chhetri from Pokhara!

I have the following aged (and ready to drink!) Dayi products up, with more to come:

The Lao Cha Tou mini bricks and 7572 are from my own dry storage here in Hong Kong! Shipping is around US$8 worldwide, and free for orders over US$103.

Hi.. indeed great to learn about your Nepal connection.. You should stock some Nepal teas! :). I have a few Dayi samplers on the way at the moment.. but thanks for the links to your good shop. Looking forward :)

TeaLife.HK said

Thank you daju! If I could source good Nepalese teas, I would. :) I was in KTM a few years ago and looked into it briefly, but it was before I was in the business. I’ll have to come back again!

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