What brand of tea do you buy the most?

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Alana237 said

I love Love LOVE Nothing But Tea. They have a huge selection and everything I have tried has been wonderful. Also, they have good customer service, which means a lot to me.

SunnyinNY said

That looks like a good site…but do they sell & ship to the US?

teacraft said

Yes, Nothing But Tea ship to the States – in fact the US is our second largest market. NBT is a fully registered FDA facility so no delays on entry. Try us at www.nbtea.co.uk to experience our ever growing selection of fine teas & tisanes – nearly 200. And our attention to detail.

SunnyinNY said

Thank you!!!

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So far it’s been Dr. Tea, Teavana, and the Asian grocery stores. I find a lot of good loose leaf teas there. My to order from list is quite extensive.

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Kay Kanada said

DT at the moment, but am expecting to explore and expand when I get a higher income this summer…

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Mike317 said

Adagio teas has seen the lion’s share of my orders but I recently ordered from Golden Moon Tea. They are fantastic! The Sinrahaja and the French Breakfast have already been reordered as they are great.

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Tina S. said

Right now my cupboard is full of David’s Tea because I’m trying to drink the entire wall, but I usually have about a third of it from The Tea Haus (indie store in London, ON that does amazing online service as well!). There’s a solid dash of Teavana which are from tea exchanges I do with friends in the US as well.

There used to be some Teaopia, but they are now banished.

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Plunkybug said

Definitely Davids. I have a Teaopia in the mall I work at, and I get tea to go regularly. but my take home teas are all Davids. Silk Road is not too far from me (it’s in Chinatown) so that’s convenient. That said, there are more than one Silk Road.

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kuanyin said

Like many, I started off with Teavana and I still choose from them sometimes. They have some blends that I can’t find anything comparable elsewhere. Then Adagio, Upton, Rishi, Zhi Tea, Red Blossom, Golden Moon and jing tea shop. These are the main ones that I have ordered from more than once. The main ones in the last year have been Upton and jing tea shop. I have been finding my tastes really narrowing and I almost have to force myself to try to use up some of my less favorites.

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Angrboda said

Probably AC Perchs. It’s a danish shop, I’m a danish person. It’s not really a surprise, is it? :) Also, they have excellent fruity flavoured blends, a wonderful raspberry oolong and my perfect Lapsang Souchong.

Apart from them, it’s probably TeaSpring or Nothing But Tea. I wouldn’t say I shop either of those places very often, but when I do it’s usually large orders.

I’ve also done a fair bit of shopping at 52teas, but these days I seem to get to pay customs fees more often than not on those packages, so I might not do so much there in the future. I can afford the fees, it’s not a problem, it’s just really annoying to buy something that suddenly becomes twice as expensive before I get it. (Perhaps smaller orders would be easier to get throught the system without import fees?)

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laneondick said

I like to purchase tea from Uptontea.com. I also get oolong and green loose leaf teas from world market. For my typical twinings or red rose I just go to wal-mart or kroger. I actually bought some private selection (kroger brand) earl grey, and it was pretty good.

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tbag69 said

if im low on cash i get twinings,but the best is bhuddas blend at davids tea

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