What are your TOP 5 DavidsTea ?

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Jaz said

So tough to narrow it down!
1. Green and Fruity
2. Happy Kumbucha
3. The Glow
4. Long life oolong
5. Swampwater

Erin said

Oooh I like Happy Kumbucha too :)

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1. Oh Christmas Treat (seasonal and sold out! sadface)
2. Rooibos de Provence
3. Mom’s Apple Pie (seasonal and sold out, arrgh, why?!)
4. Buttered Rum
5. Pending… Read My Lips, maybe?

I have a lot of small bags from David’s, and I’ve tried all but Elf Help and the straight teas I just bought today, but…I don’t know how I feel about all of them yet.

Er, that’s how you boldface on this site? …Odd. :P

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Okay so, I conclude the TOP 5 of most people here is :

1. Pumpkin Chai
2. Long Life Oolong
3. Buttered Rum
4. Toasted Walnut
5. Forever Nuts / Fantasy Island / Read My Lips

makes me sad… I don’t really like any of those! well except maybe Fantasy Island

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I’ve never ordered from DavidsTea but was planning an order next month/paycheck. Glad to see one of my choices, Honeybee appeared on some lists, but NOBODY liked chocolate rocket! I might have to go back through all these lists and look at the nondairy ones and make a new choice for my first tasting experience…

Also, has anybody noticed the kombucha actually working for digestion purposes, or just for taste? Cuz synergy is getting expensive at $3 a day!

Uniquity said

I like Chocolate Rocket, if it helps. : ) Also, it has a rating of 87 on Steepster which is really quite high for a flavoured tea. Just saying!

I love it to!! It was probably 7 or 8 on my list

Chocolate Rocket is an amazing Mate, give it a try!

Chocolate rocket and honeybee it is! :)

go for it! honeybee is a definite fave for me to, but for some reason I don’t crave it often.

tigress_al said

I also love chocolate rocket, it is nice and chocolately with a big “kick start”!

Eisenherz said

most of my friends that just got into DT love chocolate rocket more than any other!

Erin said

Get Jungle Ju Ju

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Nurvilya said

OK, just chiming in with my top 5:

1. Quangzhou Milk Oolong
2. The Glow
3. Mulberry Magic
4. Glitter and Gold
5. Kenyan Tinderet

Honourable mentions for Santa’s Secret, Oh Christmas Treat, Blazing Strawberry, Three Wishes, and Checkmate. I guess that sneakily makes this a top 10.

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Erin said

1-Read My Lips
2-Jungle Ju Ju
4-Mint Chocolate Rooibos
5-fantasy island/Alpine Punch

(in the summer Luscious watermelon is fabu cold and I am sad about copabanana, so yummy)

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Ummm this is so hard !!!
1. Oh Christmas Treat
2. Pumpkin Chai
3. The Glow
4. Luscious watermelon (amazing as an iced tea with fresh watermelon slice in it nomnomnom)
5. Cold 911 / Organic Mother’s little helper / Bravissimo

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