Togo said

Tea in Nepal

This April I will be visiting Nepal and although I will spend most of the time in the mountains, I will also visit Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Does anyone have suggestions for tea places to visit in one of these two cities?

Or alternatively, has anyone acquired some nice tea from Nepal that you would recommend for me to try to get?

Thanks :)

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Hi Togo,
I am from Nepal and I’d recommend you try some teas from Ilam region in the east of Nepal. In Kathmandu, you could start by visiting some tea shops in Thamel, a tourist area. In Nepal, good teas go by monikers like Golden Tips, Silver Tips (needles), some black teas etc.

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YatraTeaCo said

A lot of the tea estates I am familiar with and have sourced from are in the east. The industry is relatively nascent, but Nepal has some amazing teas. It may be hard to get a hold of these teas if you’re not visiting the estates (I know a lot of the really good Nepali tea gets exported out via India), but see if you can get your hands on some spring teas from Sakhira Estate, Himalayan Bliss, Jun Chiyabari. I’ve sourced teas from the first two and they are exceptional. Plus you’re going around April, right when the spring teas have been harvested, so try and get your hands on some fresh teas.

I’m not sure about specific shops; the last time I visited Nepal was 25+ years ago, but try and get some estate specific teas for a true taste of what Nepal produces.

And prepare yourself for some amazing hospitality!

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