Non-Grassy Green Teas?

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-Jessica- said

Have you tried any jasmines yet? I highly recommend Adagio’s Jasmine Pearls, they’re very smooth and of great quality… as well as low on the vegetal/grassy side! Or you could try Teavana’s Jasmine Pearls and if the grassy taste is still too much for you I highly recommend blending a peach white tea with your jasmine pearls….such as Teavana’s Precious White Peach.

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IdentiTEA said

All types of tea have virtually the same health benefits – the difference is marginal. What the marketing people don’t want you to know is that black tea has lots of anti-oxidants, along with other healthy stuff, in itself. You don’t HAVE to drink green tea to reap the rewards… so don’t fret if you can’t find any greens that you like. Drinking black tea (if that happens to be your favorite) rather than no tea at all is just as good for you.

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