gerry1234 said

Jas-eTea premiun Teas

Does anyone know anything about this company? Are they still in business? I ordered some tea ware 3 weeks ago and have not received anything from them and they don’t respond to my phone messages or to messages left on their web site. The funds were taken from my bank account within 2 days, and their site says order waiting fulfilment.

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YatraTeaCo said

I haven’t heard of them. Where are they based?

Not really sure, but the fact that the funds were just taken may indicate they are getting ready to fulfill your order?

Its too bad they aren’t responding to your queries. Hope it all works out ok.

gerry1234 said

Their web site says owned by Steve and Janis Shelton, with an address in Henderson NC. I looked them up on the better Business site and it says they are in Burke VA, with no complaints reported. I thought maybe they did not have the item in their inventory and had to order it themselves from their source, but thought they would at least return my call or email. No reports to the BBB at least gives me hope they may come through for me. I only have a small amount of money invested, so it won’t hurt too bad. I’m new to brewing and drinking oolongs and still casting about for reliable vendors.

YatraTeaCo said

I see your point. I would imagine for a US based vendor, 3 weeks without any word or feedback or returning your calls is worrisome. Since they seem like a small operation, it could be that they’re out of town or something else. Though when my wife and I were out of the country, we had an announcement on our site specifying the dates we were away and that items would only ship (free) when we returned.

Hopefully all is resolved soon! Our little shop doesn’t have any oolongs at present, but if you’re looking for carefully curated premium Indian/Nepali teas, check out our offerings.

In our opinion, any and all customer feedback should be answered within 24 hours, 48 at the absolute maximum (exceptions for pre-announced and clear signs that one is out of the country, of course).

We currently carry 3 oolongs, that are absolutely delectable. If you’re interested in any of them, or if you have any questions more broadly about oolongs, teas, or brewing, definitely let me know!

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gerry1234 said

An update to this thread. I finely got a short email from Steve with Jas-e Tea after an unanswered phone call and sending a couple of emails to him. He replied something about both he and his wife had hospital visits, but was planning on getting shipments out by the end of the week. That was on March 18,which was 3 weeks ago now, and still nothing has arrived. I have since sent him another email, to which he has not responded. I am giving up and calling this experience with Steve Shelton, and his company Jas-e Teas a loss. I hope this will keep someone else from being take by this man as I seem to have been. I will post an update, if I do ever receive the item I paid for plus the shipping cost.

So sorry that you had such a horrible experience with them. FWIW, their teas didn’t appear to be very high quality anyway. As an example, their matcha, while inexpensive, is produced in China from 2014!

I would recommend finding another vendor and starting with a sampler set. You can even reach out to the vendor to confirm shipping times first! (We typically ship within 24 hours with 2-3 day delivery within the US).

I got the same reply for my March 2nd order. It’s getting a bit ridiculous. As to the quality, I’ve never had an issue with the tea. The fact that some of the teas are old is due to Steve no longer really caring about his business enough to get new stock in. As far as matcha from China is concerned, a lot of what people think is Japanese IS from China, but they’ll never admit it because they don’t want to believe that. Just like no one wants to believe that the Lishan they bought was grown in Vietnam. Or that their Pu-erh has material from Laos in it. It’s a common, common practice! As for vendors? Unless you actually are with the tea EVERY step of the way, you DON’T know for sure that you’re getting what you’re told you are, and that goes for EVERY vendor, including those who comment on just about every post on Steepster, Teachat and Reddit. And of course, every vendor assures us that their tea is legitimately from where it is claimed to be. I wouldn’t expect anything else from a vendor. How many BMW dealers are going to say their cars aren’t as good as claimed?

gerry1234 said

Received another email from Steve of Jas-e Teas on May 11, saying he was sorry for not staying in touch and promising to send my order and a gift for the delay. That was 15 days ago and I still have not received anything. My order was made back in Feb. and the funds were taken from my account within 2 days of the order.
Being fairly new to loose leaf teas, I have made purchases from a few other vendors, both directly from China,Taiwan, and here in the USA. I have been enjoying the different oolongs, even though I don’t know how authentic each might be. I no longer drink coffee, but have tea with my breakfast each morning and especially love my afternoon tea time after work. I won’t let 1 bad experience with a vendor hinder my journey of learning about and enjoying tasting different types of Teas.
As before, I will send an update if I ever get what I have paid for from Jas-e teas.

AllanK said

I think it is time for a PayPal claim. Did you use PayPal?

YatraTeaCo said

As you stated, dont let a bad experience put you off. A lot of us vendors strive to ensure our customers have a positive experience, regardless of order size and frequency of ordering. Pretty soon you’ll establish your list of preferred vendors.

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