Tea question from a newbie

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I have some of their 2 oz tins and really like them. I ordered online. I have never been to this store in person, I hate malls and I hate pushy sales people, so ordering online elimates a “bad” teavana experience!
I do store my 52 teas in the pouch they come in and the tea tastes just fine. I use the tins for the teas that I buy in bulk(I have two teas that I order in bulk, it takes me a year to drink these teas). I put in a small amount in the tins that I will open on a daily basis…the bulk of the tea is stored in its bag in a cool dry dark pantry. I have not noticed the tea becoming stale in the year that it is stored in this fashion.
Remember to enjoy tea, it is a journey worth savoring:)

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Ninavampi said

Hmm… I have to agree that it sounds like Teavana.

I usually order online, but my few in store experiences have been similar to yours.

As for storing tea, if the bags have an air tight seal and are kept out of light, my tea tends to do just fine. I do prefer tins for teas that I will take a while to finish though. : )

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teataku said

I have a good relationship with my local Teavana, but only because the employees know me. They know they can’t sell me on the corporate crap they’re taught to recite at people, so they don’t try. I go there for the tea, and I’ll occasionally buy a tea set or a cup I take a fancy to, but only if it’s the right price. The employees all know this and are utterly fine with it. They have admitted to me on multiple occasions that their merchandise is overpriced, which makes me, as a customer, feel more comfortable. It’s a very unique situation, and if I ever move away, I don’t think I’ll ever feel as much of a rapport with Teavana (though I will still probably buy some of their teas, since I’m kind of addicted).

As far as their obsession with their own tins goes… they don’t try that one on me anymore, either. I occasionally browse through the tins and buy one if I see one that’s too pretty not to take home… but I buy tins and tea containers from elsewhere. Teavana’s are WAAAAAY overpriced. I buy mine from www.specialtybottle.com and get them for $1.08 each. It seriously cost me more to ship the tins than it did to buy them. I’ve also gotten large-ish tins (about 6-oz. capacity, if I had to guess) from World Market for about $2. So don’t let yourself be taken in—just smile politely as they scoop your tea into the little baggie (or as they scoop your tea into the tin from another store that you brought in for them to fill).

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