Mountain Stream Teas is Launching March 20th, AMA


My name is Matt and I am launching Mountain Stream Teas in a couple weeks. I have been pretty active on Instagram(@taiwaneastcoastteaguy) and just put up a Facebook page but I thought I would start a thread on here as I have heard good things about you guys!

I source chemical-free, small batch, hand picked, sustainably farmed, single origin etc. etc. teas here in Taiwan. All the teas are chemical-free and some are certified organic. Most are from small farmers that don’t bother to get the expensive certificates though. I know each and every farmer personally and visit them often. I also do tea tours in partnership with Hualien Outdoors, a company I have run for the past 10 years here on the beautiful east coast of Taiwan.

This spring I will be helping make a bunch of the teas that will be on offer and I will put as much information online as I can about that process for all to see. I am particularly looking forward to making some Ruby 18 White Tea!

I also have a Tea Adventure from April 29th-May 4th this year where we will visit some farms and the beautiful mountains of this area of the world. As it it is the first one, costs are only 1000USD for an all inclusive 5 and half day trip.

I thought I would start a thread as a way of introduction and was curious if anyone had any questions about the business or teas that I source. I look forward to contributing to the community where I can as well.

So, if anyone has any questions about the company, teas, tea trips or anything else please let me know. Thanks!


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From an East Coast of the US vendor to an East Coast of Taiwan vendor – Welcome!

Always great to see people help spread the wonders of quality tea.

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