looking for a jade gaiwan (i think?)

I was browsing youtube tea channels and saw this video from tea house ghost. The gaiwan this guy is using is gorgeous and I would very much like something like that for myself. Anyone ever seen something like this before? https://youtu.be/OZ_7sfEf9-8?t=22s

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i have found something similar on yunnan sourcing, though its white. would love to find something like this in another color to bring out that sort of ghostly translucency https://yunnansourcing.com/collections/gaiwans/products/de-hua-jade-porcelain-yu-ci-white-gaiwan-130ml

Ubacat said

I bought the white jade teacups from YS and love them. They are a good size (not too small) and retain the heat well.

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tperez said

You could try contacting So Han (the man in the video) on Facebook through West China Tea Co. or Guan Yin Tea House. Based on the color green translucent color (as opposed to the translucent white of “jade porcelain” like the one sold by Yunnan Sourcing) I would guess that the gaiwan is actually jade of some sort.

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I commented on the video and got a quick reply that it was purchased years ago at some small shop in China and that so-han wasn’t sure where

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jamin said

I have some friends with stone teacups. Mostly agate or jasper I think. Very beautiful. I’ll let you know if I find out where they source from.

oh that would be excellent thank you

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Cwyn said

I’ve seen agate on Etsy too. Jade is ghastly expensive and hard to find.

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Hi carpet-blanket, do you like these gaiwans?

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