Does anyone have ANY of these teas?

Does anyone have any of the teas listed on my wish list/shopping list located HERE

If you do and want to arrange a swap for the end of January or February let me know! I will send you multiple teas from my stash in a mystery box for each one on my wish list you send me!

PS – I have more shipping leaving my house today for those I am swapping and sending to now :)


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From Damn Fine Teas, I have the holiday blend, Capt. Assam and the Mermaid’s Kiss (I thought I had sent you some of these already, but since not, I will send some in one of these boxes I’m preparing), no need to arrange a swap with me, since we send back and forth as it is. :) I thought I sent you some of the Caramelized Pear from Art of Tea way back … I don’t think I have any more of that though.

OH!!! Thanks so much!!! YOU ROCK my SororiTEA SIsta!

I also have the Pineapple Oolong from Lupicia. That’s one I thought I had sent to you, it’s probably in one of these boxes that is ready for you.

OoooooO! :)

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No, I don’t have these teas. Not a gourmet shopper. I am aware and keeping in mind teas like Sugar Caramel Oolong by Golden Moon Tea; Pineapple Green by the Tea Farm; and possibly Confuscius by Marriage Frere.

Good luck with your swapping of teas.

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Lindsay said

I have almost a full box of bagged Organic Passion Plum from Harney and Sons, and I am definitely willing to part with some.

OH!!!! That would be lovely! Even just a bag or two I would be ever-so-grateful! PM me you addy I will start a mini swap for you! Thanks!

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I’d be happy to send you some DT Oh Canada!

Awesome! Thanks!!! Drop me a note with your info and I will gather some of my teas to send your way – thanks so much!

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Janefan said

I have plenty of:
—Damn Fine Holiday Blend – A&D
—Dragon Pearl Jasmine – Harney
—Dragon Eye Oolong – Revolution

I’d be glad to share! late Jan/Feb is fine. Just PM me your info :-)

Thanks! That would be SUPER AWESOME :) I will send you some, too!

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I have the Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish, Dragon Pearl Jasmine (although not from Harney & Sons, it’s from Adagio), and Black Dragon Pearls (Adagio).

I’ve wanted to try Strawberry Garden from Zen Tara Tea…as well as stop-by their B&M store, which is near where I work. Should I obtain this, I will let you know. :)

If you want to try the ones I listed above, please send me a PM with your info and I’ll send some samples to you. I can also include Pink Pearls and any of my Adagio signature blends, if you want to try them as well. (Pink Pearls is my exclusive Keen Tea Thyme blend.)

That would be cool! We can also review them on Sororitea Sisters, too! :) Thanks!

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James R said

I think I have one or two rainforest mate by mighty leaf, I could also part with some black dragon pearls from adagio. PM me and we can swap!

oooo cool! :) thanks!
I can’t send you a PM unless we are follow eachother

James R said

OK I’m following you now

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momo said

When I get back home (again) and can finally spend enough time there to get your package together I have the White Chocolate Grasshopper Honeybush and will make sure to include some of it!

Ooooooo – thanks so much :) You are awesome :)

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