Christmas Tea that I can't tell what it is.

So I received some tea from my brother and sister and law for Christmas. I don’t know what kind of green tea it is. I was wondering in if anyone can decipher.

This one is from Sucoll I think
This one no clue

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Garrett said

sorry all i can say is the first is def korean and the second is chinese . . .

Yeah found it online O’Sulloc is the tea company and it is their mild green. So the only one I have to figure out is the second picture. Thanks for your help.

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Sorry, not looking at personal teed-bits. Buy real teas from a store or online. If private sourcing then perhaps best not to mention it.

Happy holidays ’-)))))))))))))))))))))))))

They were indeed bought at a store…as a gift in fact. If you’re aim is to not help with a question. Perhaps it is better to not post a reply at all.
Merry Christmas

Edited out the unnecessary cattiness, my apologies to everyone involved.

As for the teas, I don’t have any idea, but they look like something I would find at Ten Ren, so next time I’m there, I’ll show them the pictures and ask and report back!

ssajami said

seems to me you are a little short on the tolerance there, aisling.

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Garrett said

could you get a closer pic of the characters on the left of the chinese one?

Garrett said

sorry man, a lot of the characters are running/cursive script and with my limited chinese i don’t really know what the characters are. but good luck finding an answer!

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TeaVivre said

For the first picture I don’t know what exactly it is, but for the second one, I can explain for something. In the middle of the three big Chinese characters are “chá zhī song(茶之颂), which means “ a way to praise the tea”; and on the top of these three words, another three words in red indicated that this is a premium quality tea.

On the right top side, the general meaning of the fourteen words are: maybe due to the reason for loving tea, you have encountered with someone who have the same hobby, for the tea reason, you and them encountered, and have the chance to learn about each other, and finally, someone will be your confidant, not only on tea but also on other hand.

And on the left side, this is a short poem, because the words are not so clear, so I just can say these words also tell something related in tea. Overall, I can not find anything that indicated the name of the tea, hope this can help you.

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Hi TeaVivre; there are a couple of guys with question on color red and green on some Pu-erh they purchased but it has no other markings, other than the red and green. I told them about you inadvertently; when you defined Touchas pu-erh a whilst back.

Might you view some of the discussion thread and help them out; they may have remedied results; anyhow you seem most knowledge on teas and character. How many characters, can’t recall…they are composed of earth, wind, fire, and water; similar to the 26 letters in the English alphabet.

I am probably wrong as there are Japanese character…so earth, wind, fire and water could be for the Japanese language. lie?

TeaVivre said

Thanks for your information, as for the color for pu-erh tea, usually if the color is red that means this is a kind of Shu (熟/ripe/cooked) pu-erh, so for the green color, it will be the Sheng (生/raw) pu-erh.

here are some information about the character:

English——Chinese——- stroke/character

earth—— 土 - three
wind—— 风 - four
fire—— 火 - four
water—— 水 - four

also, wind in Chinese can be written as 風, this is a traditional form of Chinese character. Maybe in Japanese these words have the same form as Chinese.

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Domo Arrigato Gozaimasu (Anata) TeaVivre.

I only speak English, on good days. I know not characters; weak in learning languages.

Konban Wa, if much later than Sayonara but Au revoir is better Iie?

If I have offended these countries or natives do forgive me; as said I live in denial. English only; at times barely. Gomen nasai!

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Hey DJ, I am looking for O’Sulloc tea in Ann Arbor. Do you know where your brother got it?

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