Tea of the Month Clubs

I’m just wondering if any of you have signed up for any of the online Tea of the Month Clubs?

I know that Mighty Leaf, 52Teas, and Teavana offer monthly tea clubs at different rates. Do you guys know of any other ones?

I’m trying to compile a list of Tea of the Month clubs for my drink culture blog, http://www.callmethirsty.com/. Would love any input, thanks!

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TeaParT said

I haven’t done this myself yet. I guess it is because I want to make my own choices. The girl at my regular tea shop has suggested it before. It seems like an economical way to build up your tea collection but… I have too much fun exploring new items in the shop and bugging them with questions. When I checked on the link for you, I noticed that they have a 6 month package which might be a good way to try something like this without a year-long commitment.

Anna Maries Tea of the Month Club

I’m anxious to hear from others who have tried any of these clubs. What did you like about them? Any regrets? Would you try one again?

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I haven’t yet, but I’m hoping to one day :) I can be a little stuck in my ways, and I think having someone else pick the teas might help me expand my horizons. My favorite tea (Organic Black with Coconut) was something I had absolutely no interest in trying, but the owner of my local tea shop urged me to sample it, and now I can’t get enough of it! I think a tea of the month club might act in the same way :)

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Carolyn said

I gave my mother the Golden Moon tea of the month club and she absolutely loved it. (She calls when the tea comes every month to thank me again.) This is actually how I found Golden Moon originally.

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Nice find, TeaParT!

JacqulineM, which one are you planning on signing up with? Check back in when you find one you like!

Carolyn, I like how the Golden Moon club tells you what you get for each month. Cool!

Keep em coming!

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Cofftea said

Adagio has one, but I’d just call it a tea subscription because they only ship every 2 months. You get 2 per month, but I’d still like to get something every month.

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TeaParT said

Katrina at TeaPages did two nice postings on this topic about a year ago.



This article brings up an important questions to consider. Is shipping included? What lengths are available? Some offer 3 months, 6 months or 12months. What supporting information is provided with the teas? Background information, tea origin, brewing instructions, recipes, etc.

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Nice find, TeaParT! I’m going to have to read through those posts now!

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Amymh said

I just joined the imperial tea court’s tea of the month club 12 months. I’m still waiting for the first selections. I think this will be a fun way to learn about different teas, and I love getting packages in the mail. More later after first selection arrives.

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I haven’t done them in the past but might look into it. I know Adagio has a program as well

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Lynxiebrat said

I wish I had the money for one of these. An amusing thought occured to me a minute ago. I would love to be able to afford several different tea of the month clubs, that way it would be a long while before I run out! I do like trying out new things, but it is easy to get stuck in that rut. My favorites right now are pretty much herbals and rooibos blends.

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