What are your ten most DRANK teas according to your Steepster Cupboard?

What are your ten most DRANK teas according to your Steepster Cupboard?

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Mine are:
Candy Cane Lane – Celestial Seasonings
SororiTEA Sisters’ Special Blend – Blends For Friends
Blue Unicorn – Shanti Tea
Cocoa Cardamom Seduction – Talbott Teas
Matcha Sendo – Camellia Sinensis
Blueberry Earl Grey – Ovation Teas
Atlantis FOUND! Tea – Custom/Adagio Teas
Crimson Grove – Mellow Monk
Blackcurrant Flavored Black – Hedley’s
Blueberry Iced Tea Black Tea – The Tea Nation
Decaf Exclusive Black – Q Leaf Tea Company (Quintessential Leaf Tea Company)
Vanilla Cloud Matcha – Domo

(okay…so I listed 12…Oops!)

Remember…this doesn’t mean these are our FAVORITES…just means they are our most drank for one reason or another :)

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This is definitely according to Steepster, because I don’t always record what I drink. I try to record each tea at least once, and then, if I’ve already written about it, I don’t always write about it again. It really depends upon how busy I am, or what I’m doing at the moment, or if I’m in the mood! But, according to my tea log, these are my most drank teas in my cupboard:

Earl Grey from Lupicia
organic Dark Roast Yerba Mate from Mate Factor
Chelsea’s Chocolate Banana Rooibos from 52Teas
Damn Fine Holiday Blend from A&D
Ginger Matcha from Art of Tea
French Vanilla Assam from 52Teas
Matcha Lychee from Teaopia
Hot Buttered Banana Bread from 52Teas
Pancake breakfast from 52Teas
Ginger Peach from Tea Guys

In reality, the tea that I drink most is probably my custom breakfast blend, as I generally start my day with that tea on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (and it just so happens to be what is in my cup at the moment) But, I don’t always record it.

Some or many of the ones listed I haven’t drank in over a year! LOL

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Store Brand Green Tea by Demoulas Market
Store Brand Orange Pekoe Tea by Demoulas Market
The London Cuppa
Gourmet Hand Blended Teas by the Teaman
Rose China Black Tea
Matcha Green Tea by STASH
Genmaicha by Yamamotoyam
Roasted Kukicha (sampler) by New Mexico Tea Co.
Pink Christmas (sampler)) by The American Tea Room
Emperor’s Puerh by Numi

I actually drink more than the above mentioned teas; and some I have purchased at least 3 or 4 boxes of these teas and have finished them.

And currently I am trying to restock and have yet to log these teas. Not sure what I am waiting for or perhaps not. At times I am too blatantly annoying for Steepster to keep me around. I am really low in the dumps.

I cannot fathom drinking Ginger Matcha; Matcha is to be pure/pressed crushed leaves made into the finest powder and to crush ginger with this…not a ceremonial Matcha then. I do fancy Pancake Breakfast from 52teas one day, perhaps.

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>.< My list is, unsurprisingly, nothing but teas from DavidsTeas. I do drink other teas, I swear! Davids is just the easiest for me to get my little hands on.

Detox from DAVIDsTEA
Vanilla Oolong from DAVIDsTEA
Honeybee from DAVIDsTEA
Spearmint from DAVIDsTEA
White Tiger (organic) – Kosher from DAVIDsTEA
Jungle Ju Ju from DAVIDsTEA
Bravissimo from DAVIDsTEA
Le Digestif (organic) from DAVIDsTEA
Chocolate Rocket from DAVIDsTEA
Goji Pop from DAVIDsTEA

I soooooo wish I had easier access to DavidsTEA :)

Me too – David’s Tea sounds amazing and I love the selections I’ve tasted thus far. If they opened up a shop near me, I would have to work for them…and they could pay me in tea instead of actual $$!

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Uniquity said

First, a caveat: When I first joined Steepster I logged every cup I drank. After a little while, it seemed way too much, so I cut back to new teas or interesting tastings. Some of these I am (almost or totally) out of. Plus, there are three bagged teas on the list, what’s up with that? : )

Vanilla Comoro (Harney & Sons)
Blackcurrant Black Tea – bagged (Twinings)
Mojito (DAVIDs Tea)
Lady Grey – bagged (Twinings)
Wellness (Joy’s Teaspoon)
Spearmint (DAVIDs TEA)
Ruby Red (Joy’s Teaspoon)
Very Merry Berry Medley Rooibos (52Teas)
African Honeybush, Mandarin & Orange – bagged (Twinings)
Detox (DAVIDs Tea)

Some of mine were bagged teas, too, like the Hedley’s…but I think it’s because they are accessible on the go – ya know??

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Janefan said

I’m gonna have to go with the top 12 too, because it really does represent my most drank teas. I have been logging pretty much everything, but I probably won’t continue to do so in the coming year. I feel the need to get over my compulsive habit of recording everything (journaling, making endless to-do lists, listing all the teas I drink, books I read, etc.). I would like to emphasize quality over quantity, so for Steepster that means writing interesting notes for new or different teas, not just logging blanknotes for every cup I drink.

1) Paris – Harney (this is also my favorite)
2) Christmas Morning – Stash (this is in fact my second favorite)
3) Get some ZZzzs – Republic (Really?! It did work for me for a while…)
4) White Christmas – Stash (this ginger/peppermint herbal is a year-round fave)
5) Smoky Black T-Dust – Sanctuary (I put in on lots of things. I’ve used it more than I’ve logged.)
6) Florence – Harney (I was really into it at first, but now only crave occasionally)
7) Get Happy – Republic – (I’m surprised this is so high on the list)
8) Maple Bacon – 52teas – one of my first, & favorite from them. Probably the most unique tea I have in my cupboard.
9) Rainforest Chai – 52teas – I must have really liked this one too!
10) Lady Grey – Twinings – a good stand by, and book club favorite
11) Candy Cane Lane – this is quickly shooting up the ranks. My new fave as of Dec ’11
12) Chili Rooibos T-Dust – Sanctuary T. See Smoky black. Good on almost anything.

Uniquity said

Oh man. When you made that list of things you record I started to worry about myself. I journal daily (in theory – but I’ve been doing it for a few years), as well as a log of books I’ve read, to-do lists, etc. The book log serves a purpose, at least. Sometimes I forget what a book was about/whether I read it or liked it, etc. The beau checks it when he’s buying my books for presents. : )

This is a GREAT list!!!! I seem to log nearly every cup I drink as well :)

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Camiah said

Mine represent a combination of logging everything plus a pretty steep drop off in logging to only new teas or when I feel like writing a note.

Emperor’s Clouds and Mist — Teavana
Toasted Nut Brulee Oolong — Teavana
Blackberry Mojito — Teavana
Tiramisu Treviso — Teavana
Pancake Breakfast — 52Teas
Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls — Teavana
Black Mango — The Tao of Tea
Damn Fine Holiday Blend — Andrews and Dunham
Cocoa Praline Tart — Teavana
Capital of Heaven Keemun Black Tea — Teavana

Definitely not reflective of the quantities or frequencies of teas I’ve been drinking as of late. There is a bias towards my early tea drinking days where all I had was Teavana and I was logging nearly every pot I made.

I totally understand what you are saying :) Many of the teas I have on my list I haven’t drank in a long while :) Some were just “easy” teas on the go…too…

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I am not trusting of Teavana so not likely I will submit to trying their teas. You are brave person for being such a devotee of their teas.

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Dinosara said

I pretty faithfully log everything I drink, with the exception of some iced teas I’ve had recently, but I think it more accurately represents the teas I’ve had the longest more than anything. I have been drinking so many new teas recently so most teas are only logged a few times.

Tower of London Blend – Harney & Sons
Paris – Harney & Sons
Lemon Drop – California Tea House
Florence – Harney & Sons
Earl Grey Reserve – Tavalon Teas
Wild Grey Green Tea – ESP Emporium
Organic Earl Grey – two leaves and a bud
Shalimar Oolong – ESP Emporium
Lavender Earl Grey – Tea District
Chun-Hao Special Grade Jasmine – Upton Tea Imports
The Earl Grey – teapod

I also included an extra because the bottom 7 teas of this list are all tied at 5 logs each.

Impressive Earl Grey Assortment within that list :)
Thanks for adding your tops to the mix :)

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This is fun…and rather enlightening! My top ten, per my cupboard, are:
1. Samurai Chai and White Ayruvedic Chai – Teavana (20 notes)
2. Toasted Marshmallow – Adagio signature blend (10 notes)
3. Black Forest Bliss – Adagio signature blend (7 notes)
4. Pink Pearls – Keen Tea Thyme (7 notes)
5. Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish – Rescued from Retirement/52Teas & iHeartTeas.com (7 notes)
6. Apricot Chai – California Tea House (7 notes)
7. Pancake Breakfast – 52Teas (6 notes)
8. Orange Red Carrot Raw Green Bush Tea – Republic of Tea (4 notes)
9. Shanghai Orchid – Teavana (4 notes)
Tied for 10th (all have 3 notes each):
-Blackberry Mojito – Teavana
-Valentine’s – Adagio
-Enlightment – White August Tea
-Coconut Chai – Zhena’s Gypsy Tea
-Black Dragon Pearls – Adagio
-Fresh Start – Keen Tea Thyme

Random that there are a bunch that I’ve logged seven times! Why seven?! ;)

7th Heaven??? :P

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