What are your ten most DRANK teas according to your Steepster Cupboard?

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Adeline said

Auntie’s Pumpkin Pie – Tea for All Reasons (13)
Almond Cookie – SpecialTeas (10)
Cinnamon Apple – Tea for All Reasons (10)
Candy Cane Lane – Celestial Seasonings (10)
Midsummer Night’s Dream – DavidsTea (8)
Minttastic – Adagio custom blend (5)
Springtime Blossoms – Tea for All Reasons (5)
Ceylon Orange Pekoe – Twinnings (5)
China Rose Congou – SpecialTeas (4)
Green Tea with Brown Rice – Issine (4)

The top six are some of my very favorites so no surprise there… the others are just ones I like the sound of, I suppose. By the by, I’ve logged every cup since I started using Steepster.

Nice list!

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English Breakfast-Teavana 7
Javavana Mate-Teavana 6
Imperial Pu-Erh-Dr.Tea 5
Lapsang Souchong-Dr. Tea 4
Yung Ding Ti Kuan Yin-Wie Chun3
My Morning Mate-Teavana 3
Matevana-Teavana 3
Almondine Rose(Almond Bicotti)-Teavana 3
Blue Berry Pomegranate White-Lipton 3
Pu-Erh-Golden Dragon 2
This is by Steepster Cupboard Only. I know that I have finished off boxes of tea and just not done the tasting notes.

Cool! :)

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