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4 Replies

Do the afternoon-harvested tea leaves undergo sun-withering in the late afternoon/early evening, or does that happen the following day?

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brutusK said

Is commenting here okay, or should I also comment on the blog?
I have never had JK Tea’s Big Red Robe/Da Hong Pao, but I have had other’s Big Red Robe also from the Wuyi region, and it did strike me how that tea changed in sequential steepings, first releasing roastiness then changing to a more rich astringent taste without actually being astringent and mouth drying. There was a pleasant mineral quality present throughout too (is this known to be in the teas from the Wuyi region?)

brutusK said

Did the contest get cancelled due to lack of submissions?

TeaToTea said

I think they did, they deleted my question on their page… Oh well im deleting my comment too

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